Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Abbie injured her leg day before yesterday. She woke up limping yesterday, so I nursed her all day. It paid off because she is moving so much better today. We had thunder and lightening and I think she strained it as she was frightened. Maybe when she jumped off the bed.
She is almost walking normal. Just a twitch now and then. She should be 100 percent by tomorrow.
We have had rain for the past two days so we have spent a lot of time indoors. Abbie likes that because she just gets to 'cruise' with her Auntie 'Dee'. She better get ready for the arrival of the new baby....Peaches will come visit when she has had all her shots and is old enough to take in the car. Punkin is another story....she would run Abbie ragged, so she will stay home.
No big plans for the next two days. More recovery time for Abbie and cleaning for Auntie Dee. She is looking forward to Mom and Dad coming home on Saturday.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Her name is Peaches!

I have always believed that animals find you, you don't find them. I have never been looking for a pet when I found any of mine. Otis was sitting in a big cage in a dirty pet store. I told them to open the cage and let me have him. I didn't care what it cost, he was not spending another minute in that little cage. He lived 9 wonderful years with me.

Peepers came to me at midnight by one of my co-workers. She weighed about 4 pounds and poked her head out from under the co-worker's jacket. She had found the momma and daddy and just needed to find homes for the pups. I took her at midnight and named her 'Midnight Peepers', soon shortened to 'Peeps'

My cat, Piffles, was in a cage in PetCo where I had gone to get food for Peepers. We had just lost Otis that summer and Peepers was so lonely. When I spotted Piffles in that cage....well, you know the story. Piffles and Peepers soon became fast friends and I was glad that Peepers had the feline company, but thought she might need some canine company as well.
It was only a thought in my head when I saw this ad on Craigslist that said 50% Pug, 50% Shitzhu. Pure curiosity sent me to 'just see what she looked like'. Well, her name is Punkin and she is now a year old. Piffles hates her. Peepers is gone and Punkin is alone during the day by herself. AGAIN.....just a thought in my head that later on, maybe we would get her a companion.

So, I am dissolving my business and today was moving day. I Pulled the truck up in front of my store and began the gruelling process of loading the truck. I glanced outside to see a crowd of people in front of the Horizon Pet Store. There stood the owner, looking at me and pointing to what was in his arms. A 5-week old Golden Retriever that was cuter than any baby you have ever seen. I walked out to pet her and when I looked into her eyes, I saw Abbie. Abbie has been such an influence on me and my life. Just last night I wrote 'I wish I could clone Abbie'. Do I need to tell you the rest.......

She comes home with me on May 17th. She is not named yet, but I will never look at her without seeing Abbie in her. I want her to meet and play with Abbie while she is a puppy so that Abbie can teach her a thing or two. I never thought about owning a Golden, but someone I love very much has longed for one. This will be 'our' dog.

And so my theory stands true. She was meant to be. She chose us and not the other way around.

I will keep you posted on her name when it is decided.

To Abbie's mommy and daddy.........There are eight more pups in the litter. They range from blonde to Red and all are adorable. Every consider another one.....I heard a rumor that you have a TERRIFIC pet sitter so she would be well loved!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Missing in action

The weather has been so beautiful here that this was the best shot of Abbie I could get today. Look really hard.....waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back there.....she's there! No, really!
She is doing well and runs and greets me like she is a puppy all over again. I wish I could clone her......I want a Golden just like Abbie Girl.
We are just cruising, taking walks, running in the yard and hanging out. Auntie Dee brought her a bone and she ate it so fast I thought she must have buried it somewhere.
We got the poor deceased pigeon out of the bushes and have had no more accidents.
Remember this time last year? We had the strange noises in the closet incident. That still baffles me. And Abbie locking herself in the bathroom still bothers me to this day. We are quite the pair.
We will be cleaning house this week and getting ready for Mom and Dad to come home. Thats it for now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well the sunshine didn't last more than two days. But those days were glorious! It is cold, wet and rainy today, but Abbie and I are keeping each other company. I had some medical tests this morning, so I am not at the store today. This gives me lots of spoiling time with Ms. Abbie
Everything is smooth as silk. The gardners are here today and Abbie went out to say hello, but wanted to come in and lounge with me. We played with her new toys for a long time this morning so she is worn out right now. As usual, only good news to report.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Abbie and the Sunshine

Abbie and I are enjoying the sunshine. It has been beautiful and today looks just as promising. We went for a long walk and I brought her a HUGE bone to knaw on. She enjoys being out side for a couple of hours and then wants to come in to see what's going on in the house. I think she just wants to see what Auntie Dee is having for lunch or to grab another cookie.
I will be gone a few hours today so she will be enjoying the outside for a bit. Other than that, we have a day of rest and relaxation! She is perfect as usual and is happy as a clam! I'm sure she misses Mom and Dad, but I am being a good substitute. No worries on this end.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Bye My Little Girl....

Peepers would have been 12 years old in September. She lost the use of her back legs due to a damaged spine about a year ago. She never let it get her down. She would drag her little butt all over the house if she wanted to get somewhere. About six months ago she became incontinent and we bought her Tinkle Trousers to catch her urine. She adapted and didn't seem to mind. She did not appear to be in any pain and remained happy to be by my side. She began showing signs of pain about two weeks ago and carried an odor that can only be described as an infectious odor.

We woke up this morning and she was shaking. She sat for hours as she was in too much pain to lay down. She had mucus coming from her mouth and when she looked at me with those big black eyes (her peepers), it was if she were saying 'I think its time momma'. I have always believed in Quality over Quantity. I knew I had to let her go. So, she went to her favorite vet and went to sleep for the last time. I am going to miss her immensly. She was one of a kind.

Thank God for my adopted pets through my pet sitting business. Their unconditional love helps heal the hole she has left in my heart. Sleep well my little girl. You are now at Rainbow Bridge.