Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's Growing

Its been some time since updating my little Punkin Head. She is still full of life and surprises me every day by her similarities to my Otis who left us in July, 2007.

She is six months old on October 1st. She will become a 'woman' soon. Although they say females slow down after being Spayed, I doubt it will slow her down one bit.

She is smart, comical and loving. I will soon begin some training as she is definitely in need of it. I would like to begin taking her to work with me once I have opened my small consignment shop. I bet you are thinking she is going to be my guard dog because anyone can see how intimidating she looks (hurrump, hurrump), but she will be more of a conversation piece than anything. How can you not love that face.

She is dressed in her clothing that her other mommy bought her. She is about 10 pounds and not expected to be much larger. She is lean and her color lives up to her name.

Stay tuned for her Halloween pictures. Bet you can't guess what she is going as? LOL.

More pet sitting stories on the way................................