Friday, September 30, 2011

Peace and Serenity.......

I love my clients. But it is time for me to take a break. I will be available after Tuesday but wanted to let you all in on a Tranquil, Spiritual Journey you too can take sometime. It's a wonderful place to regroup, be romantic or just get away from the hustle-bustle weekday.
Cave B Inn includes a Winery with a Wine tasting room (I won't be tasting unfortunately) and a Spa. The restaurant is a four-star restaurant with a new chef and the meals they provide are awesome. Each of the bungalows are built on the edge of the Gorge in Quincy, Washington. Walking to the edge is not a problem and the view is phenomenal. There is a beautiful pool when the weather is condusive, but the accomodations are 4-Star! It is a beautiful place and I have told some of you about it. My daughter flies up from California to go this little piece of heaven.
So, each of you know that I will return shortly with a fresh outlook on life. I am looking forward to all my petsitting in November! Take care everyone.
P.S. I included a wonderful dog story below. Please be sure to read it. It touched my heart.

A Great Dog story........


This is a story from "Senior Focus" a newspaper my sister gets.
It is written by Saralee Perel.
What a great, FUNNY dog this is about!

"Bob's beloved Becky"
Our five-year-old border collie, Becky, is the weirdest dog we have known. My husband, Bob, and I couldn't love her more.
Our older dog, Gracie, is a Sheperd/collie mix. She is the smartest dog we have ever known.
We assumed that Becky would watch and learn from Gracie. Boy, were we wrong.
Border collies are known for herding sheep. Plus, they need lots more activity than other dogs and are considered one of the smartest and bravest breeds. But apparently Becky swam through the genetic pool without soaking up one drop of it.
If a gun wielding gangster broke into our house, Becky would go after him with the courage of a SWAT team commander. But, when a fly is anywhere in the house, she runs, trembling and whimpering,behind the toilet where she stays until I have spent half the finding the fly.
Bob had always wanted a border collie. We adopted Becky because we were told she was bred to need no more activity than any other dog and that she didn't have the herding instinct that all border collies do.
That was a bunch of hooey. Becky is not only on the go 24/7, she herds EVERYTHING in her universe. She herds:
1. The vacuum cleaner.
2. Our empty-headed cat Murphy, who doesn't even notice.
3. Apples that fall out of the grocery bag.
4. Anything that drops on the floor including tomatoes but, especially meatballs.
Becky spends time in our fenced-in back yard herding her flock. No, not sheep. Its her flock of clay plant pots that once contained pretty flowers!
Using her nose to move them along, she herds the pots one by one from the left to the right side of the yard. Then, crouching down with that intense border collie stare which is used for the purpose of intimidation, she makes sure that none of the pots make a break for it and run fleeing from the rest of the pack. Then she herds all of them to the left side of the yard. Then back to the right; then left. This keeps her happy for hours.
Becky doesn't bark. She screams. When she does, she sounds like a woman. She screams when she sees that a miniature painting has been moved three inches. She screams when she sees a truck in our driveway-our truck.
One day, Bob decided it would be fantastic for Becky to follow her genetic instincts and see sheep. He said to the farm owner, "Would it be OK if I kept my dog on a leash and took her over to your sheep?"
Gracie and I stayed in our truck and watched.
Bob walked Becky to the pen where there were a dozen sheep. He looked so proud, just like a shepherd and his border collie in the ancient hills of Scotland.
When they got to the pen, Becky peered at the sheep...her body crouched for a full two minutes in that concentrated border collie stare. It truly was a beautiful sight to see her in her timeless glory.
Then she let out a scream so earsplitting that all the chickens jumped a foot off the ground.
Bob rushed Becky back to our truck while the farmer came running over looking around frantically for what he thought was a screaming woman who was severely injured.
Meanwhile, all 12 sheep kept doing what they had been doing all along, eating stuff from the ground, still ignoring the doofus border collie who was scared to death of them.
There is something that Becky does that she has never been trained to do. When she sees Bob, and he always kneels down to greet her, she slowly stands on her hind legs, puts her front legs gently around his neck, rests her head against his, and HUGS him. She does not move no matter how much time Bob spends hugging her and kissing her forehead.
Becky loves Bob the way Romeo loved Juliet. And he loves her the same. When Bob leaves the house, Becky stays by the door, no matter how many hours it takes for her beloved leader to return home. She will not eat, drink, or do anything other than stand at her post....waiting.
When he comes home, the first thing they do is hug. Bob keeps his eyes closed in ecstasy.
To me, love is love, whether it's between adults, between parents and children, between dolphins, between whales.
But especially between Bob and Becky!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last day in Paradise......

This expression on Katja's face says it all. Okay, they love me....but, I am just a substitute for their mommy and daddy for a short time...they are over me and want their REAL parents back! When we woke up this morning they both came over to me and seemed almost joyous as they sense that their return is soon. We are getting ready for a walk. I have to go out on a couple of appointments today (medical), but will return soon and often. It is suppose to be warmer than yesterday which means 'hot'. Yesterday, the first day of fall was in the high 60's by 7 am. I swear it reached 80 degrees yesterday but haven't checked the weather report. Strange. Anyway, the girls are doing extremely well. No problems at all. Katie is not chewing or scratching, her eyes got drops 3x a day.....well, I will leave a report for their parents. They are excited to see their family back in place tomorrow. But, they have been great to sit and my pleasure!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toys, Treats and Tails waggin!

Katie and Katja are doing great. They have no issues and have been taking their meds and eating like little champs the whole time. They go outside when it isn't raining (raining now) and we get our walks in either very early or late afternoon. So, this is a boring post........but that's a good thing!!! Because all is well!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All is calm on the Schnauzer front. The highlight of our day was a package delivery and a visit to the neighbors. Today is Abbie's 14th Birthday so we dropped her off a Birthday present from the three of us! Katie and Katja are sleeping right now. Katie is buried in her blankets in front of the window and Katja is on her throne in the chair. Its getting darker earlier now and I have heard the Coyotes out between 7 and 8 most nights so they go out with me around 10pm on their leads so I can see them in the dark. They have been very good. Today we cleaned a little and played with toys after some time outside. They are missing their family though.....Katie told me in a nose kiss!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday got away from us......

Sunday was our 'down' day and it got away from us without us blogging. Sorry about that Momma and Daddy. But, it rained all day and we did absolutely nothing. We played with toys and ate cookies and got brushed, but other than that...not much going on. Today was a much nicer day and we got a lot of outdoor time. I have been taking them out at dusk on their leashes because the coyotes were out last night in full packs. I could hear them screaming at 7pm when we went out. Scared me so I keep them on a tight reign. But, they still crawl up on my chest and sleep and they love all the kisses that they give me. They are doing very well. Nothing to worry about here!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A lazy Saturday afternoon. Its been raining on and off. Kathy came by to visit and bring McDonald's so everyone got french fries! Yummmmy. We cleaned up a little. The girls got brushed and they both laid on top of me and took a nap for a while. Other than that....nothing to report. I didn't go anywhere today so the girls were quite happy. Its suppose rain all day tomorrow but I have to go out in the morning. I will be back early and I imagine we will all vegitate tomorrow afternoon. The girls are fine and all is well on the homefront! Katie and Katja tell Mommy and Daddy XXX000!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katie and Katja heard this You Tube today and they went bananas. They were talking just as much as this little guy was. They have had a pretty boring day today so we just played on the computer. Its dreary outside and Auntie Dee has been a little sore today due to a fall. I know.......AGAIN!  But, all is well and I will tell their mommy and daddy all about it later. Everything is going smooth as silk. Lots of mail, packages and outside and cookie time! Katie has been laying up on my chest and Katja lays just below her on my tummy. I know...hard to believe, but they do like to lay with me while we watch television! Katie is looking at me now as if to say...'ok, so why aren't you laying down so I can lay on you'. So, I guess I better assume the positions before she really tells me off!
Nothing to worry about on this homefront!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Groomed and Tired. We woke early this morning to get the girls to the groomer early so Auntie Dee could make her Doctor's Appointment. Donna was kind enough to take them a little early so I could make my way to Federal Way. By the time I was done at the doctor, Donna called and said they were ready. So, everything worked out perfectly. I arrived home with happy puppies and a delivery of wine! Hmmmmmm.....maybe there will be some left when their mommy and daddy gets home. (just kidding). I visited the Neighbors last night and had a wonderful time but WAY too much wine was had by all. So, I think the wine is safe tonight.
The girls look very neat and tidy and they seem to want to sleep all day. Katie keeps staring at me as if to say 'Well, are we going to play, walk or something, So, we may be going for an evening walk since we missed this morning. They will definitely get their walks in the morning as I have to go out for a while tomorrow morning. The girls have been perfect. They are getting their medicine and eyedrops (well, Katie) on time and everyday that they are suppose to. They love riding in the car so I might take them for a ride this weekend. Abbie, the neighbor loves her Sunday trips to the McDonald's, so I may give them all a ridet to McDonald's and they will get a french fry! (at separate times, of course.) I am at Abbie's in October, so I will see the girls again then too. Can't get enough of these pups!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toying Around and a funny story........

The sun didn't come out today. It is officially the first day of fall. Its probably about 70ish and I guess that is all we will see of the sunshine. Katie and Katja are inside playing today even though we went out for a walk in the rain/mist this morning. They got wet, but they love wiping their paws because they know what follows. However, I have to tell you a funny story. After our walk, I went next door to walk Abbie so she could get some excercise in too. When I returned I asked the girls if they might want to go outside. They seemed eager so I opened the back door and let them out. Now usually, I don't let them go out by themselves and if I do, I always have an eye on them. So, I looked out and I saw Katie go back in Robin's Hood's forest and I saw Katja out of the corner of my eye sitting on the driveway. I stopped long enough to come in and pick up their bowls and wash them and anything else that was in the sink. It took me all of five or six minutes and I went outside to track down the pups. When I got out there all I could find was Katie who always comes running when I call. But I have found that Katja can be a little devil and sit wherever she is sitting and look at me like I'm crazy. I went around to the side of the house checking the whole driveway and I didn't see her. I went up and down the drive and checked the entire front yard and didn't see her. I checked the rose garden and all of the area behind it and I didn't see anything. The whole time I am calling her name and by now I am freaking out! This went on for probably 20 minutes until I decided it was time to come in the house and get cookies, a lead and anything else I could find to entice her into the house. When I grabbed the lead off the table I caught out of the corner of my eye.....Katja......laying in her chair, fast asleep. She must have come in in that six minutes I was doing dishes and decided it was nap time. She scared the bejeezus out of me. But I was really glad that she was there and Katie and I just joined her and gave her a cookie of course. Its a lazy day and they are both asleep in their beds. No doubtedly, waiting for dinner.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from The Vet.....

Katie and Katja and I just returned from the Vet. They both got a clean bill of health and in fact, I was told that thier little Anal glands were not that full. So, maybe we might want to give them a couple more weeks in between. But, mommy and daddy know best and we will leave that up to them.
We went out and watered this morning and soaked the roses while we were gone (about 45 minutes) and we are now watering the other side. The weather is getting cooler so I suspect we won't be watering too much more before everyone returns home.
Its funny, sometimes when I have all this time to think while I am dogsitting, I think I should socialize more, get out and date, search for someone to share my life with.....and then it hits me.....I am just as content having all my little furchildren in my life and if I never share my life with anyone again, I always have their unconditional love. To some that might seem kind of sad....but, it really lifts my spirits! Jeeeezzzz....don't know how I got off on that. Anyway, the girls are being perfect little angels. They work me whenever they get a chance for that extra cookie or an extra trip outside, but I don't mind as I am here solely for them and that is the way it is. 
I am going to visit another one of my clients this week who lives next door but other than that, I am all theirs!!! Hope mommy and daddy are enjoying some good Italian Wine and feeling guilty because I don't have any!!!! :-)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bright and Beautiful day

Today was a picture perfect day in Washington State. I got to visit with the horses and the farm animals as well as take care of the two little Schnauzers I am with for the next two weeks. I was peaceful today knowing I can put my entire focus on my animals as it is just me and them. I seem to be married to my job and for now, that is okay. The closeness and attention they give me is adequate in the absence of a partnership I hope to have some time in the future. The Schnauzers are doing as well as always. We spent a lot of time outside today. As a matter of fact, Katja didn't want to come in tonight for over an hour. I had to take her lead outside as if we were going for a walk before she would come to me. At least I know how to trick her although I feel bad doing that. We had an early morning walk at 7:30 and Katja let me know she was done before we got all the way to the end of 244th. But she got a long way none-the-less. We ran into Bonnie on the way back and visited for a while. I keep watching for Abbie outside but haven't been able to connect with her yet. Katie and Katja are happy little campers, loving their treats, the attention and the spoiling they are getting. I am actually loving the time alone with them as well. All is well on the homefront and we hope mommy and daddy are having a wonderful time in Italy. How could you not?????
Oh....and Katie and Katja have their Halloween pictures for next month as you can see above.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Full Day

This was Katie and Katja a few minutes ago waiting for their treat I promised them. We watered the entire perimeter of the house and set up the soakers on the roses. They were very good little pups and followed me all around while I watered for two hours. Whew......a LOT of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees!
Our day began early with a visit from Bonnie. I had an appointment in the early morning and when I returned we did some playing outside, brushing of their coats and just played until it was time to water. They are being perfect angels as usual and Katja is showing no signs of pain. They both have eaten every time I feed them and Katie got drops in her eyes three times today! Yipppeeee.
Tomorrow is pill day so we will see how that goes. All is well on the homefront.......Almost time to Schnauz......I mean, Schnoooooozzzzz.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Girls........

Well, after a long vacation, I am happy to say I am back with the fur children and today is our first day together in a long time. Katie and Katja welcomed me as if I were here yesterday and were so excited to go outside and bask in the sunshine. Katja was a little more reserved but went right out and laid down in the sun. She was happy to just sit with me in the yard while Katie went back in what I call the fortress to explore. She is so goofy, she ran around to the front door just as her mommy said she would and barked until I let her in there instead of coming in the back door with Katja and I. They are very cute little Mini Schnauzers and, oh boy, are they spoiled! But they are the children of the house and that is as it should be. They had their dinner at 4:30 and ate like little champs. We went out before AND after dinner and with all this sunshine, we will no doubtedly be going out a few more times before bedtime. Oh yes, and they helped me take the trash out too. All is well at the home of the 'Schnauz' and they are contently sleeping their dinner off as we speak! Stay tuned for further updates..........