Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost Christmas.............

Well, it's almost Christmas and we are ready for it to be here! The pups and my roomies and I are ready to begin the festivities! The house is decorated, the stockings are hung and all of us are ready for my kids and grandkids to arrive. As you can see by the pictures, the house is warm and inviting. Everyone is looking forward to my kid's arrival as, afterall, they are what really matter, right? The joy on their face is what it is all about. No matter our age, seeing those little eyes beam when they see all the gifts under the tree, puts happiness in our hearts. It makes spending all that money worth it.
So, here's wishing all of my clients, their two-legged children and their fur children much happiness and joy this Holiday Season. Thanks to each and every one of you for allowing me to spend time with your 'children' through the years. I look forward to many more years with you in the future.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!!
The Playful Paw Animal Companion Service

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newest members of The Playful Paw Family

Meet the Newest members of our little Pet Sitting Family! Mattie, Sophie, Misty and Links came to me by way of Katie and Katja's mommy and daddy!
After meeting them today, I have done nothing but think about how adorable these four little fur people are. And their mommy and daddy are the greatest as well. Mattie and Sophie were rescued. They are just about five months old. Their story is not unique, but heart-warming for sure. Their mommy and daddy have been Cat lovers forever. They have never attempted to transition into Dog owners until now. However, they have made the leap and I must say, they are already great owners and I can tell they will be dog lovers, as well as cat lovers from now on. Mattie and Sophie were left in a trash can in Texas. The horrendous people who left this litter of pups should be hung! (and I am being kind, because I really believe they should be SHOT!) These fantastic animal lovers had Mattie and Sophie flown here to be loved and showered with affection. Anyone that loves animals that much deserves a lifetime of wet nose kisses and cuddles from these special creatures. I know I am being sappy, but Truly.......don't you agree????
Misty and Links are well loved and spoiled as well. They did not warm up to me as well as Mattie and Sophie but everyone knows that Felines have a mind of their own. I caught a glimpse of them and I am sure we will be steadfast friends after I have spent a month with them in January and February.
I have grown to love my current clients and their fur children. Adding to the 'family' is always a welcomed event and this little family is no exception.
Stay tuned in January and February to see how much Mattie and Sophie have grown.
I will miss all of my Playful Paw family during this holiday season as everyone is spending it at home and with family. No dog fix for me until January. I guess I will just have to spoil my own pups until then!!!! They will love that!