Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cool and Gloomy

Abbie is great and enjoying her chew toys I bought her. It has been raining so she is getting a lot of indoor time with me. We hang out and watch TV, Read, Computer and play fetch with her chew toys. Of course, she gets way too many cookies but its her time to be spoiled. I wish there was more to report but no news is good news. She sends kisses to her family.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Days

Abbie and I are having lazy days. Although she and I played with toys yesterday in the backyard. She is pretty spry for being a senior. She is happy and loving the attention as always. The weather is suppose to warm up, but is windy and cold at the moment. Hopefully, it will warm up for our afternoon walk. Abbie loves to walk and sniffs everything as if that was the very first time she'd walked by that spot. All is well in Abbieland.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Day together

Its our last day together until June. All is well and no incidents to report. It has been raining all day so we have been keeping busy playing with toys and chew bones. They get their daily treat of their frozen bones...they love that.
The horses are doing well too but standing out in the rain and the mud. They were exceptionally happy to see me tonight and finally came over to the gate to see me. I ususally have to go to them but he brought his nose right up to the fence for me to scratch. Unfortunately, I have forgotten their names? The black horse seems to be a little agitated the last couple of days. Or, maybe, he is just used to me and is attempting to play. They love their treats.
Barnie is happy except when Cassie is tormenting her which is most of the time. She holds her own though and gets away when need be. I know they are all anxious to have their family home with them and will be very glad tomorrow when that happens. I will be here until about 6pm and tomorrow and say my 'good byes' until next time. They are good fur children.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Abbigail Tail!

Back with Ms. Abbie. She was happy to see Kathy yesteday morning and just as happy to see me in the afternoon. She was already for her walk on a fine spring day but unfortunately it was raining pretty good. Today is much better and she can get that scarf back on as a walk is in her future. She seems to be doing quite well despite her senior years. Better than me! She is so funny about her cookies. She loves to bark at me and tell me to go to the cookie jar. She is probably one of the brightest animals I have ever known.
All is well on the homefront and Abbie is well taken care of!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs.......

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.......,

We have been rained in for a day or two. Lots of mud and rain. But, the pups are enjoying their inside time. Lucky for them I bought them the big rawhide bones which is keeping them busy when they can't be outside. Barnie the cat doesn't seem to mind the rain....she goes out all the time. The horses are also not afraid of a little rain, although I just checked them and they are standing in their stalls. Everything is going smoothly. All are happy and anxiously awaiting their mom and dad's return!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny and Sonny.....

The sun is shining and the pups have been outside. But, for some reason, Sonny doesn't want to be outside. She's torn between taking care of her little sister or staying inside with me. She seems to be craving attention so I am giving it to her.
Other than playing outside and chewing on their new rawhides everyone is happy. I can't get Cassie in her crate. She has gotten wise about what it means when she goes in there. Animals are like children.....they are completely different with the sitter.
The horses are enjoying the sunshine as well as is Barnie. When the rain comes they all take shelter! Can't say I blame them.....I do the same!
All is well on the farm! No news is GOOD news.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am slow in blogging but Abbie is doing great. She loevs spending time with her petsitter and she never forgets a face. As soon as she sees me she runs for the cookie jar.
Think she has got my number?
The weather has been rain one day, sun the next. So, Abbie doesn't get a lot of outdoor time as she'd rather stay in the house but she gets out when the sun shines. Kathy is helping me out right now so between her and I, Abbie is rarely alone for long. Tomorrow everyone is just hanging out. I may throw Abbie in the car and take her for a ride. Don't tell her mom and dad, but she likes going to McDonalds the best. She likes the french fries as much as I do. But she is trying to keep her figure in her golden years so she is limited to one. It is hard to deny her when she is looking at you with those beautiful eyes. :-)
I will blog every other day to keep her family posted.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally, worn out!

I don't know what got into Cassie and Sonny today, but they were so full of energy. In fact, they were non-stop all day. It was raining in the early part of the day so they didn't go run off the energy until mid-afternoon. They finally came in and I was puttering in the kitchen, filling their bones and when I returned to the living room, this is how I found Cassie. I love the lip action in the close up of her face. She is a riot and FULL OF ENERGY. Everyone else is doing great too. I will post pictures of Sonny and Ruggles tomorrow. (computer problem solved). The deer were plentiful today and there were several out grazing early morning. I have a trick for keeping Ruggles and Cassie out of the pond! I will share that info with her mommy when they return.

They send their love to their family!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunshine all Day!

The kids are enjoying the sunshine today. I didn't go anywhere so they have been hanging out in the sunshine. The Elk came to visit this morning but I wasn't aware of it until I heard Cassie barking wildly. I looked out and sure enough she was barking at a rather large Elk. I yelled for her just as the neighbor in the white truck decided to leave. She lost interest in the Elk and decided to chase the truck. She can run very fast!
I have a loud whistle that I trained my kids to hear when they were little. I have been whistling for the dogs and they all come running. I assume their mommy and daddy do this too and that is the reason they know what it means.
Cassie got into some oil or something. Maybe laying under the truck. Her back is black. I may try to bathe her if I think my wrist can manage.
All else is boring and uneventful here on the farm which is how I prefer it to be. We have and enough 'events'.........time to relax. :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Me and the gang.......

With a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, three great pooches, a very funny cat and two horses, I am settled in for a two week stay with the gang! Ruggles, Cassie, and Sonny are all doing well and loving the attention they have been getting the last couple of days. Barnie is loving the weather and wants to spend a lot of time outside. The horses are liking their treats and all is well on the farm! I haven't seen any Elk yet, but hope to soon. Spring is here so a lot of little critters are out. I saw some deer down the road and there are lots of ducks on the pond.
Cassie has been very good and she loves sleeping outside of her crate. We watch TV until late and I just let her sleep with the others. She has been good so far. However, she got into a little trouble with the ceramic floral piece on the table. I came in from feeding the horses this morning and she had gotten on the table and knocked it over and broke it. She knew she was in trouble and kind of hung her head when I came in.
We cleaned floors this morning and windows. They each got a frozen bone when I left for the doctors. I was only gone about three hours, so it was enough time for them to devour their bones.
I will attempt to post some pictures in the next few days. A computer gliche is keeping me from loading my pictures to the blog. But, all is well here in Enumclaw, Washington!!!!