Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday afternoon

Well, Chloe and I are getting ready for the big game today. I ran her ragged yesterday so she can rest a litte. Of course, the whole time I am watching the game, she is doing her thing and is just a happy camper. Between the laser light and her ball, I keep her pretty active.
She has been getting her eardrops everyday and doesn't seem to mind at all.
She was so funny yesterday. I called her name and was looking all over for her but couldn't find her anywhere. She really had me scared because if I say 'cookie', she will always come out. But yesterday she didn't make a sound. I found her hiding behind the bar where it is black and I couldn't see her. Little stinker. She loves to play hide and seek.
She must have been feeling her Cheerios because somehow she got one of the little pillows that hand on the door knob She shredded it to bits. It always makes me feel bad when she does this on 'my shift'. I don't know  if she does this when her mama is home, but I feel so bad. So, I am out looking for one to replace that one.
Other than that, everything is great on the home front. Chloe can't wait to see her mommy and daddy.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finally managed to get online to blog. I see they are working to improve the site, so I hope that is the case because I sure sick of trying to post on this site.
Now that I have the griping out of the way, Chloe is doing very well. She loves to play in her back yard and go for walks. She is patient when the phone rings and she LOVES it when Kathy comes over to visit.
Yesterday, Kathy came over to bring me something and have dinner with us and Chloe went crazy like she hadn't seen her in 100 years. She is so dang cute. I think the laser light was a great babysitter for both Kathy and Chloe!
Its not raining today so we will go for a long stroll this afternoon. But all is well on the homefront!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Happy

Chloe and I are doing Great. I arrived here at 9:oo am yesterday morning and she was glad to see me. She yelped for a while, ran outside, ran inside and grabbed her toy and she was pretty much on her way to having a great time. She is occupying her time this morning with a bone and enjoying watching out the back door. She has been out to play for several hours now and now she is ready for some indoor fun. We are going to play the laser light game in a minute, but I wanted to get her on the blog so mommy and daddy can see how their baby girl is doing.
She is eating like a champ this morning and just seems overall happy. So, keep posted as I will blog her everyday whether it is boring or not! Although there is never a boring moment with me and my Chloe girl! She is a happy girl!