Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday afternoon

Well, Chloe and I are getting ready for the big game today. I ran her ragged yesterday so she can rest a litte. Of course, the whole time I am watching the game, she is doing her thing and is just a happy camper. Between the laser light and her ball, I keep her pretty active.
She has been getting her eardrops everyday and doesn't seem to mind at all.
She was so funny yesterday. I called her name and was looking all over for her but couldn't find her anywhere. She really had me scared because if I say 'cookie', she will always come out. But yesterday she didn't make a sound. I found her hiding behind the bar where it is black and I couldn't see her. Little stinker. She loves to play hide and seek.
She must have been feeling her Cheerios because somehow she got one of the little pillows that hand on the door knob She shredded it to bits. It always makes me feel bad when she does this on 'my shift'. I don't know  if she does this when her mama is home, but I feel so bad. So, I am out looking for one to replace that one.
Other than that, everything is great on the home front. Chloe can't wait to see her mommy and daddy.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finally managed to get online to blog. I see they are working to improve the site, so I hope that is the case because I sure sick of trying to post on this site.
Now that I have the griping out of the way, Chloe is doing very well. She loves to play in her back yard and go for walks. She is patient when the phone rings and she LOVES it when Kathy comes over to visit.
Yesterday, Kathy came over to bring me something and have dinner with us and Chloe went crazy like she hadn't seen her in 100 years. She is so dang cute. I think the laser light was a great babysitter for both Kathy and Chloe!
Its not raining today so we will go for a long stroll this afternoon. But all is well on the homefront!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Happy

Chloe and I are doing Great. I arrived here at 9:oo am yesterday morning and she was glad to see me. She yelped for a while, ran outside, ran inside and grabbed her toy and she was pretty much on her way to having a great time. She is occupying her time this morning with a bone and enjoying watching out the back door. She has been out to play for several hours now and now she is ready for some indoor fun. We are going to play the laser light game in a minute, but I wanted to get her on the blog so mommy and daddy can see how their baby girl is doing.
She is eating like a champ this morning and just seems overall happy. So, keep posted as I will blog her everyday whether it is boring or not! Although there is never a boring moment with me and my Chloe girl! She is a happy girl!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Wind Beneath My Ears...... about a wind storm. Chloe wanted to run in the yard this morning but the winds are crazy here today. We lost power for about twenty minutes. I made her come back inside the house as I was afraid it would scoop her up and carry her away. She is sitting at the kitchen door, staring out at the leaves that are blowing everywhere. She doesn't know what to do but it is keeping her fascinated.
She is excited now because her buddy, Kathy, just came over. She loves to play with Kathy. Well, actually, she loves to play with everybody.
She is having a good time and she is being a good girl. It will be a quiet Saturday afternoon. She will be excited to see her mommy and daddy tomorrow.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Where'd that toy go????????????????????

Chloe loves to fetch her toy off the deck. Except it makes for a very soggy toy! She was playing this morning but I couldn't keep her out of the water. It rained all night. We were up at 1:00am this morning. Now she is standing at her cookie jar barking at me while I blog. I can't imagine what she might want (duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).
The sun is still not shining. So, we are going to clean up a while and wait to see if she can get some sunshine this afternoon.
She is still a happy camper.
Oh, by the way, we had only ONE Trick or Treater. Guess who it was??? .......................ME! UMMMMM Good Butterfingers!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


It is nice to finally have my blog up and running. It was a heck of a day trying to get it going. The weather has been sketchy so I am going to blame it on that for now.  It is also Halloween.....oooooowwwowowowo,,,,,,, maybe the spooks are out  and they are playing games with my electronics.
Chloe and I had fun in spite of it. We played in the rain in the back yard and I got some cute photos of her. It is  hard not to get cute photos of her as she is just so darn cute anyway.
We didn't do anything spectacular other than wrestle in the living room and play with toys most of the day. She had to stay by herself about an hour and a half so I could get a haircut, but other than that, I have been here all day with her. We have not had one trick or treater here tonight so far. She is sitting by the door just peering out as if she knows someone is coming by. But we will keep waiting to see if anyone shows up.
Other than that, nothing to report. She is a happy girl and we are having fun!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chloe and the rain

Chloe and I are doing great. It's been very cold, windy and wet today. Chloe doesn't even want to go outside. She will stand by the door and look out but as soon as I open the door she just sits there as if to say "are you crazy?".  So we are playing in the house to wear off some energy. But she is also content to curl up with me. She is a good girl and has been a perfect Angel.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Chloe Girl........

I arrived at Chloe`s house at 8:30 this morning. She was very excited to see me. She barked for an hour. She ate her breakfast and went outside to take care of business.   She came back in because it was dark, cold and rainy outside. We played with her babies and she is a happy little girl. We are hoping the weather gets better soon so we can walk and smell the grass. But for now, she is snoozing and enjoying life!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We are still here!!

It has been a while since my last posting. Business has been slow. And it's been a rough year for me health-wise. Thankfully, my health is getting back on track and I am excited to be back at full speed.

But the good news is that I'm Good and I will be back shortly. I visit Chloe in a week or so. Also, Kira girl will grace us with her beautiful, black coat as well as Joe Kitty who is a little camera shy. I bought a very nice, expensive camera and I hope to snap some awesome photos of my client's fur children.

So, be patient and know that I'm never far.I will be back soon along with all my cute, furry, little ones whom I miss during slow times.

Wishing everyone a bright and shiny summer and a cozy Fall and Winter

Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Skies

We woke up to blue skies and dry streets today. But I am not going to get my hopes up yet as there are some dark ominous clouds hanging over. The pups had me up at 5:30am to eat as they do most mornings. The are taking advantage of the short time we will have sunshine today and running all around the back yard. The big dog is out next door and he hangs out right up against the fence. So Ollie and Gracie tend to stay on the deck side. No big plans today. Just wait and watch the weather and this beautiful lake.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washed away.......

Guess what? Its RAINING! Go figure. I don't think it is ever going to stop. Neither do the dogs. They don't even want to go outside because it just downpours. I go out to do poop patrol everyday, but with all the rain and wind it has washed away by the time it stops raining long enough for me to go out and find it!
But other than that, we are all three just hanging out. I am getting cabin fever as I have left a total of three times since I have been here. I am sure the dogs are sick of looking at my mug all day. They will be so happy to have their mommy and daddy home.
Ollie is quite the character. If he is bored and wants to play, he lets everyone know it. Gracie just tolerates him and I have no choice but to play with him to wear him out a little. He is high energy. Gracie is content just to be lazy. Ollie has chewed up every one of his toys. Well, I take that back, he has ONE left. I worry about him chewing other things so I keep everything up out of his reach. But he is a puppy and that is what puppies do. He gets his bully sticks and that helps with chewing a little.
Well, that's about it! We will watch the rain another day and hope for the sunshine tomorrow!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Raining, Raining and more Rain!

Its a dreary day outside. And I guess the Corgis are just as bored to see the rain as I am. Ollie got bored and chewed up my phone charger. Funny thing is that it has been there the entire time I have been here and he hasn't touched it. That is why I think he is bored. He has been getting his bully sticks but I guess its time to give it to him again. Anyway, no big deal. This isn't the first one that has been chewed up by my pup mates!
Gracie is content to just hang out and snooze. They only go outside when they have to. I don't think they like getting wet. She is a good cuddlebug though.
Other than that, nothing exciting happening. Its a long, boring Memorial Weekend!

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Corgi Ranch........

We woke up this morning with a morning chore in mind. Ollie needed to have a specimen sent to his doctor to check the status of his infection. We tried gathering it yesterday but it ended up with a race in the back yard trying to catch it. It reminded me of those little pig races when the kids are trying to catch the squealing, greasy pigs. He knew I was up to something and he wasn't going to make it easy on me. So, I had to come up with a plan so that I look non-chalant and I was just standing aruond whistling enjoying the morning air. I let him wait quite a while so that by the time he got to go pee, he REALLY had to go. He goes in the bushes so its hard to see because he isn't a leg-lifter. I couldn't tell if he was just standing there or if he was truly peeing. But, I managed to catch a short stream but not much. It was just about a teaspoon and all I hoped for was that it was enough for them to do the test. Sure enough. The doc said they could work with it and it should be enough. When the doctor called me this afternoon, they said it was enough but that he still had a low white cell count and needed to go back on the antibiotics. So, I will be going back to the vet to pick up some more pills. His mommy will be home for the next morning stream to be caught!
Other than that, nothing exciting happening. We are hanging out watching it rain, then watching the sunshine in between. The weather surely can't make up its mind. Its beautiful right now but there are dark black clouds looming over the lake. Kathy is coming over tomorrow to help me with walks. I can't walk them alone. It is difficult just walking one because of my arm. I feel bad but I try to make up for it by throwing the ball a lot. Not only is the Rotator Cuff torn in my right arm,  I have frozen shoulder in my left. I just can't win for losing. It could all be worse so I am not complaining. So, no worries on the home front. All is up and running and everyone is doing well. Until next time...............................................

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ollie and Gracie

Well, it has been raining like crazy. We have been hanging out watching the beautiful view over the lake. Sometimes it comes down in buckets. But the pups don't mind at all as we just play ball or with their toys in the house. Except Ollie got a little bored yesterday. While I was in the living room, he was in the bedroom chewing up his bed. He likes the foam underneath and decided he was going to chew it up. I caught him in time before he completely destroyed the bed but he put a good dent in it. I scolded him and he seemed to know he did a bad thing but my scolding is not too harsh so I am keeping a watchful eye on him. I noticed he likes to chew the stuffing out of his toys. This is a trait all puppies go through. I have taken several away from him. Kathy said she did the same while she was here. Gracie on the other hand is being a little princess. She has not gotten into any mischief.
We went outside in the backyard yesterday and the big dog next door decided to come completely face to face with the gate. I didn't see him come up to the gate as my back was turned. He let out a huge and very loud bark and scared the bejeezus out of me! Ollie and Gracie just barked back as if they are used to it. Afterwards, I thought it was pretty funny.
No plans today other than to entertain them and hang out. It is raining still and expected to rain for a while. So, we will entertain ourselves and watch the rain!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gracie and Ollie

The Corgis are doing well. Kathy raves about what good protecters they are. She said they were all sitting and watching television when all of a sudden they began barking and running toward the backyard. She didn't hear anything so she got up to see what the commotion was. It was a landscaper next door. Their hearing is very acute. Gracie loves playing ball and fetching while Ollie loves possession of the ball. So, Gracie has learned how to strategically drop the ball where Kathy or I can retrieve it before Ollie gets to it. Gracie is very smart. Kathy also said she noticed that Ollie kept going to. She couldn't figure out his fascination with the shrubbery but noticed a pathway. Once she explored she found that is his favorite place to go poop. So, she warned me to make sure I clean up there everyday on poop patrol. She has really enjoyed her time there and I think she is kind of sorry to leave. Too bad! Now its my turn again and I am looking forward to it. Not sure how I will walk with my arm in a sling but I will give it a try. Everything is great on the Corgi home front!


Chloe is doing excellent. She is recovering from her infection nicely. She hasn't licked at all but scooted one time. I am keeping a closer eye on her although she hasn't left my sight since I got here. I haven't even left. I haven't put her cone back on as she is doing so well. Its been a non-eventful stay so not much to report other than all is well. She will be very happy to see her mommy and daddy Monday night.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chloe Girl.......

Chloe is doing great. She loves going in her back yard. She gets a little bored when we just hang out, so I generally let her out a lot during the day. Of course, I won't let her leave my sight so I hang out with her in the back yard when it isn't raining.
She has had her cone off since yesterday. She seems to do fine and isn't trying to lick the wounded area too much. If she starts to lick, I just say her name and she stops. She slept with me last night and did fine. But then, she has slept with me since she was little.
Everything with Chloe is running smoothly and nothing else to report.

The Corgis.........

Gracie and Ollie are doing very well. They are so well adjusted, I would have thought this was routine with them. They have been comfortable since we arrived and this is always a good thing for a pet sitter. The adjustment period is never very long since we stay in their environment, but to be accepted right away is the perfect scenario. Gracie has gotten more affectionate. Ollie has always been affectionate and loves attention. Since they are both the same size, I have to remind myself that he is the puppy. They have been playing with Kathy and going through their daily routine. Kathy feels very welcomed and thanks Gracie and Ollie's mommy and daddy for the coffee. She said it was GREAT! Not much more to report but as I always say, that is a good thing. Everything is quiet and running smoothly and that is the way I like it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Its been a while since I have seen Chloe but she greeted me with a wagging tail and little squeals of joy. She was very happy to see me! She looks good considering she has been through a lot over the last several months. She is a resilient little Cavalier and I just love kissing her little muzzle. It is so soft. We have been hanging out today talking back and forth between family homes. I talk to Gracie and Ollie via Kathy and she asks me how Chloe is doing. It is nice being surrounded by happy paws.
Not a lot to report as everything is running smoothly at both households. Chloe and I will continue to hang out tonight and enjoy a quiet evening at her home!

Gracie and Ollie

The Corgi household is running smoothly. I am getting to know a little more of their personalities everyday. Kathy will be spending the next few days with them and I am anxious to see how their personalities are with her. She loves to take pictures, walk, throw ball and entertain the pups while she is there. I am sure she will send me photos to update the blog with their cute little mugs.
Gracie and Ollie slept on the bed last night for most of the night and then settled into their own beds. They are great watch dogs as nothing gets by their noses and near the yard without them hearing it. They don't bark much at all. The first time I heard Ollie bark was when  he wanted to play. They both seem content and happy and that is all that matters to me. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet the New Kids on the Block!

It's been a long time since my last blog! But, it is that time of year again when business is busy and new kids are joining the Playful Paw Family!
Meet Ollie and Gracie! Two very precious Corgis and cousins of Chloe's!
Ollie (the fair-haired Corgi) is the pup. Not a year old yet and sweet as can be. His temperment seems to be perfect for Gracie as she is the senior and has seen her 'puppy' days a while ago. Ollie will ocassionally tug on Gracie's ear in an effort to get her to play but Gracie has ignored him so far!
Gracie (Darker Corgi) is quiet. She is low key and likes to be off by herself most of the time. She is a little harder to get to know and I am still learning their personalities. We have only been together 24 hours so I am sure I will get to know them much better as my stay goes on.
Ollie and Gracie live in a beautiful house overlooking the lake. They are very lucky pooches and have a big back yard area to run in. They have the freedom of a doggie door which makes my job easier. Of course, I tend to be a little bit of a worry wart and check on them constantly. If I don't see them in the back yard, I start looking!
They seem to like my being here with them. I always make friends with treats right off the bat, so that helps! Stay tuned for more updates on the Corgi house. We will be together for quite a while!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Antother cold day in paradise.......

It has been a very cold today. The horses are thankful to have their blankets on and the dogs don't stay out much. Sunny gets cold and wants to come in. Cassie could stay out all day if I let her.
They are all snuggled in their beds right now waiting for me to cook dinner.
A large package came today and I put it in the garage as instructed. Other than that.......that is all I have to report.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back at the Farm.........

I greeted Cassie and Sunny yesterday morning about 8:00 am. They were happy to see me as they always are. After putting their mommy and daddy on a plane bound for warmer weather, we spent the day hanging out, playing outside and feeding the horses. We woke up today to 20 degrees outside. It was FREEZING while feeding the horses. Just 7 minutes outside and my hands were tingling from the cold. There is still snow on the ground but it is mostly snow turned to ice now. No precipitation today at all. We are suppose to be dry most of the week but our highs are only in the mid-30's. Although the farm is only about 10 miles from my house, it is like night and day when it comes to the weather.
It has been uneventful the last 36 hours and we hope it stays that way. Nothing planned for this week except hanging out with my fur children! So, stay tuned for further updates!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thinking I had a handle on our little Miss Chloe, I thought about how I would keep an eye on her and still make calls to my family this morning. So, I decided to close the bedroom door, keeping her confined until I could make my calls. I thought I was keeping one eye on Chloe while talking to my grandkids. I happened to glance over and this is what I found. I think she was trying to give me a while Christmas. The one door I did not close was the bathroom. She is a little devil!!! She looked up at me as if to say 'What?'. She was having the time of her life. She teaches me something new everday. I have raised a lot of puppies, but I have to say she is one of a kind. She has a very inquisitive personality, yet endearing so you can't get mad at her. She knows she is cute and looks at you with those big beautiful eyes. She knows her way around this house as if she has lived her a million years. She needs a lot of chewies to keep those little sharp teeth moving. I have been bringing one everyday.
But, all in all, she has been a good little puppy. Still very cute and cuddly and she wanted me to tell her mommy and daddy.......

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Chloe is waiting for Christmas Eve. She is parked by the presents even th0ugh she doesn't even know what Christmas is. But she is a happy puppy and is up for any celebration that comes her way. Its another lay low day and nothing a lot happening. She has been a little mischieveous this morning and I am sure mommy won't be happy when she gets home. But I am going to do what I can to repair the damage and see if we can't get her out of a little trouble. I can't keep my eyes off her for one minute.
But all in all everything is well. She will have some company tomorrow to play with. They are all bringing her treats so she will be good and spoiled. She will also be glad to see her mommy and daddy back home. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Chole is busy entertaining herself. She has been a good girl with only a few mishaps. We will explain those later to her mommy and daddy. She is busy playing with her blue hammer. We have been outside even though it is freezing. The rain never seems to stop. She was all wound up last night so I gave her one of her 'mellow' pills as her stictches still look pretty inflamed. She is eating well and going outside like a trooper. She does like to cuddle and she is a great companion. But all in all everything is quiet on the homefront!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ready for Christmas

Chloe got her first taste of dressing up for Christmas. Well, this was just a dress rehearsal, but she did pretty well. Even though her little face looks sad, she liked dressing up only to chew on the stuff that was on her head! But, I got one good shot in and I think it is pretty cute.
She has been up since early this morning. We went out at 6am. and she is such a good girl. She knows to do her thing and then get back inside. She had her breakfast, another bone I brought her and now its all about keeping her entertained. We are playing with her toys in the living room but I have to keep it to a minimum because her stitches are a little inflamed. She hasn't been chewing at them though as I don't take my eyes off her.
It is raining again today so we are waiting out the rain again so that we can go take a walk. It it doesn't stop, we will be walking in the rain. She is a Spaniel so the water should definitely not bother her. She just shakes it off. All is well in Chloe-land!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Chloe's First Visit

Welcome Little Chloe!!!
I arrived at 8 a.m. this morning and Chloe greeted me as if I were a long lost friend. She wagged her tail and wimpered, anxious to get out of her crate. She quickly peed on the lawn and ran for the door to come back inside. We arranged our bedding and put our groceries away and she got a cookie for being such a good girl. Not to mention the digestible bone I brought her from Mud Bay!
She has been relaxed all morning, sleeping up on the bed (yes, I spoiled her immediately). She took to the little ramp I used to use for Abbie as if she had done it before. I didn't have to coax her or show her at all. She lept right up on the bed. She now has her little face resting on the keyboard as I try to blog. She is just adorable.
We are waiting for the weather to get better so we can go for a walk. She isn't interested in walking right now, so we will try to squeeze one in before the sun goes down.
I hope to get a few pictures of her outside when the sun does finally come out. But, until then, we will relax and enjoy each other's company.
I will post her everyday as this is her first visit and I want her mommy and daddy to know what she is doing on her first pet sit!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sleeping away the rain......

Cassie and Sunny are relaxing under the TV waiting for the rain to stop. Cassie is more than happy to go out in the rain, but Sunny is more hesitant. They are enjoying their time with Kathy this second half of their stay. They are doing exactly what they are suppose to do and no problems to report. Its funny how I miss them when I am not there with them. I spent the first half and Kathy the second, but I still go over and visit from time to time. I went over yesteday and one would think that I hadn't seen them in years! They were all over me. Of course, truth be known, they were just glad to have some company! I told Kathy not to take it personally but they were tired of looking at her face! She knows my sense of humor so we got a giggle out of it.
They got to run off some steam yesterday as their cousin came over and they played all day! Kathy and I had a chance to go do some shopping and she brought the a treat we bought them.
They are looking forward to their mom and dad coming home on Sunday. And, actually, there will be a treat waiting for their mom and dad courtesy of their pet sitter!!!!! Hope they enjoy it! This will probably be the last blog before they come home unless there is something I need to report.
All is well on the farm!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Chloe Abigail..........

This is little Chloe Abigail (Abbie's namesake).
She is the most adorable Cavalier King Charles.
She is the newest addition to the family of Abbie. I can already see shades of Abbie in her little face. I am so fortunate to be her caretaker when her mommy and daddy are away and what better way to keep me connected to our dear Abbie. Abbie's spirit will watch over her and I wouldn't be surprised if her mommy and daddy haven't already seen similarites in her personality.
Chloe is 5 months old. She came to Abbie's family by way of a very reputable breeder in Washington State. I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet, but will very soon. Her mommy says she is a little needy which isn't a bad thing. That just means she will be a loving girl. She is potty trained and I am sure they are all going through their adjustment period. She is a very lucky little Cavalier as she couldn't have found a more loving home and she will be taken care of in only the best possible way. Look out haven't met your crazy pet-sitter yet!

Back at the Farm......

The weather is starting to turn chilly. The horses have their blankets on and are staring at me as they know they are about to be fed. I made them pose for me first! Laramie is still a bully to the other horses when it is time to eat but very friendly to me when they know mine or Kathy's is the hand that feeds him. We have worked out a routine that keeps the bullying down and all of them are able to eat their dinner without a fight. They are great horses and easy to handle if you take the food out of the equation. We give them apples about every three to four days. They get a couple of carrots each every night along with their kibble treats. They sure do look forward to their nightly treats. They are trying to graze but still getting hay in the morning and evening.
Cassie and Sunny seem different without Ruggles. I guess we all just miss her. Kathy has been there with them and we have discussed a routine with them as well. We are hesitant to let them out after dark so each of us make sure we go out with them at all times. We never want to experience that feeling of helplessness with the coyotes that we experienced when Cassie was a pup. The coyotes have been out in the evenings and mornings, but we haven't noticed a lot of them. No other critters have shown themselves since we have been there this time. Everything on the farm is quiet. We are envious of that sunshine their Mommy and Daddy are enjoying!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weather unpredictable......

Those of you who keep an eye on my blog may know that the farm is always unpredictable.  Its usually one situation after another. Staying true to form, this visit is no exception. We have a big storm moving in and it is suppose to hit here tomorrow. The skies have been unpredictable as well. Monday was sunny and bright, Yesterday was dark and gloomy. By sunset, I could not see as far as the horses as the rain and fog set in very low. It rained all night only to wake up to sunny skies again this morning. Of course, I am happy to deal with the unpredictablity at most pet sits, it is always a little unnerving at the farm as the weather can turn at any moment. A simple downpour can turn into a flood in a matter of moments here at the farm. But, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be 'that bad'.
Actually, I got a call from another client yesterday and I will have a daytime walk and feed for the next week which is located near the pet sit Kathy was going to cover. So, I am doing a little 'changing of the guards'. Kathy will be here at the farm for the remainder of this sit. I will be in Renton, Wa. for the other sit as it makes it more convenient and economical to do the daytime walk from the other location. I am sure this is more information than you need, but want everyone to know who is where!
The pups and horses are doing great. Nothing to report, I am glad to say.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy days at the farm.....

Well, as you can see, Cassie and Sunny are relaxing. They were out most of the day as it was a bright beautiful day today. A much different day than yesterday when it was dark, gloomy and raining. The horses were also glad today was dry. Although they have their blankets on, they spent most of yesterday soaking wet.
I wish I had more to report, but quiet is a good thing when I am at the farm. Each day is a new experience here sometimes, so I welcome the quiet. Shhhhhh..........don't jinx me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Very Sad Good Bye.....

Ruggles had to say good-bye to her family yesterday. She was a senior and had been struggling with Arthritis for some time. She was a happy girl and enjoyed her life on the farm for many years. She was loved by everyone in her family and her canine companions will be lost without her, not to mention her family. Ruggles was as easy going as they come. She never gave me any trouble when I sat with her. She was the boss in the house and everyone knew the pecking order. Cassie loved her dearly and I am sure she will be lost without her. Ruggles loved to go take a dip in the pond. She loved to go visit the neighbors across the way. Usually right around dusk. I can't help but think this must have been because she could smell dinner cooking on the stove. She would actually have to be locked up on the porch so that she would not go over there and end up on their porch for the night! She loved it when I brought her the great big bones to knaw on. And she let Cassie and Sunny know not to come near her bone. There is no doubt in my mind that she was a happy girl and lived her life on the farm as content as a dog can be. My heart goes out to he mommy because I know they were very, very close and this will be a hard loss for her. I will miss her so much and it will be hard to sit and not have her there to keep things in control.
As much as I love my business, the sadness that comes when we lose one of our pets is overwhelming in itself. But, then to be back to back losses is even more devastating. Maybe it is wrong of me to refer to the animals I care for as 'mine', when it truly is my clients who endure the pain of the loss of their loved one. They are the caretaker from the beginning of that very cared for pet right up until the end. I, in no way, want to take away from that responsibility or ownership but I couldn't be in this business without thinking that a piece of me is lost when that pet has passed. So, my sincere condolences go out to my clients/friends who have to struggle to get through the loss of their Pet, but let it be known that the pain is with me as well and I will struggle right along side them.
Ruggles will always be in our hearts and our minds as she was a very special Red Head!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Saddest Goodbye EVER!!!!!

It is difficult to compose myself long enough to write this tribute to Abbie Girl. If anyone ever needed a tribute, she would be the one! Abbie passed away on Monday around 5pm. She had just turned 15 years old which is so fortunate for a Retriever. However, if you knew Abbie...that was nothing for her. I thought, and hoped, she would live forever. I spent so much time with her she was a part of me. She had personality. She was smart as a whip! She could carry a cookie on her nose and not even flinch. She would carry a piece of mail in her mouth from the mailbox like it was her job and she worked for the postal service. We became connected. All of the stories about Abbie tell you how smart she was. She would lay on the bed before her back legs got bad. If I heard a noise, she heard the noise at exactly the same time. We would both lift our heads at the same time and look at each other as if to say 'Did you hear that?'. She loved her beautiful home and grounds. She loved to just take leisurely walks outside and see if she could identify what had just run through the bushes. She loved it when I took her for walks and she never pulled on her lead. She walked with authority but not with urgency. There is so much I could say about her because I feel I really understood her. I knew what she was thinking and she knew what I was thinking. She even knew what I was about to do. If she knew I was going to the kitchen, she followed. If I moved in the same direction but just slipped into the bathroom, somehow she knew.
There is one word for Abbie.......and that word is 'Regal'. She was just Regal.
I have lost my two best friends in seven weeks. Though I loved my human best friend, I think Abbie's loss is harder. I don't understand that......but I know it.

Good bye our Abbie Girl. I hope you are smelling the flowers and chasing rabbits on Rainbow Bridge.

Good Bye for today........

Ellie and Abby are doing great. They were up bright and early this morning and we went for our morning potty. After eating breakfast, we had some play time, went for a walk and then back outside to finish their business. They are resting now and waiting for me to get the computer off my lap so that I can pay them some attention instead!
Their daddy comes home tonight so I will be here until dinner time. Then I will tuck them away, snug as a bug and say goodbye until next time. They have really grown on me as they are as sweet as Katie and Katja. They sure do grow in my heart quickly. Guess that is why this is a good business for me. So, until next time.....I will kiss them goodbye and tell them I will see them soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ellie and Abbyville.......

I woke up this morning with Ellie on my chest and Abby on my legs. They aren't TOO comfortable with me or anything. They are doing fine. We just found the pooper scooper last night so we have poop patrol this afternoon. I hadn't seen it before now. The house cleaner is there today so I am out running errands trying to get my phone fixed. All is well on the home front and I apologize for the lack of words this morning but I received some news yesterday that I am still having a hard time with. I will update the blog later which will explain. As far as Ellie and Abby....we are three peas in a pod.....doing well and watching the big screen!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ellie and Abby

It has been a while since my last blog. I apologize. I have been watching Ellie and Abby for some time off and on. The last visit was without computer so there was a lag in blogging but we are back in business and here are Ellie and Abby!
They are such sweet pups and have really warmed up to me. In fact, little Ellie wasn't sure about me at all when I first came but she is my new best friend. When I arrived this morning she was the first to greet me, lick me and come close so I could stroke her and hug her. She is so cute. Surprisingly, this has made Abby a little stand-offish! But she eventually comes around too as she has already come to sit by me while I blog and has given me kisses.
We went for a walk as soon as I got here and had a visit with our walking human, Bonnie. We were hoping to run into the other girls, Katja and Katie, but they were not out this morning. We played with their toys some and I tried to snap some good shots but action shots are not my forte! My friend Kathy will be coming by for a moment so she will help me get some better shots of them this afternoon.
I have to run out for about 30 minutes to see Abbie around the corner. Hopefully, I will see her well and not ailing too bad so that I don't upset her as I am sure I will cry when I see her. She is hanging in there but her days are limited. I am scheduld to watch her on Monday and hope that I am able to do that as it my be my last visit with her.
But, back to Ellie and Abby who this is all about. They are doing fine. Already settled in watching the tube on their blankets. We are planted in the Movie room but planning to spend the day outside a bit today as it is suppose to be pretty. So, several walks for them today. No worries here!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, everything seems to be running smoothly at the farm. Now some of you might think that is just a passive line that I write to everyone.....but, oh no. You have no idea! When I say there are no problems at the farm......ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!
Ruggles got her stitches out yesterday. She initiated the vet by peeing on the floor (outside...but it sounded funny the other way).......she was very patient with the little Vet Tech and all her stitches are out and she was glad to get back in that little tiny car and get her a...... home!
Cassie decided to bring me a present today. Unfortunately, it was a dead bird which really isn't my idea of a good gift. But she was proud anyway. Can't blame her for that since she does have bird dog in her blood
Sunny.....she just goes with the flow. She sleeps when you want her to. Eats when you want her to. Goes outside when you want her to. Comes to you when you want her to.....well, you get the idea.
Me? Well, I have been making short runs to work on my new business and then back to sit with the animals which is my first priority. Two more days and everyone will be back in place! Hope everyone is having fun on that cruise! Lucky stiffs!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


As you can see, Cassie has no problem relaxing on a Monday afternoon. In fact, all the dogs are so well adjusted they sleep often whether inside or outside. The weather was warm during the early part of the day but when I went to feed the horses around 4:30, it began to rain and rained for quite a while.
Ruggles is still struggling to get up and limping when she walks but it is better than yesterday. She goes to get her stitches out today at Four O'clock. I began giving her Rymadil last night but I did give her pain meds two days (not one as I stated earlier to her mommy).
Its been busy down at the horses. A truck with a buggy has been down at the arena every day except yesterday. Then some people showed up last night on horseback but not in a vehicle. I finally realized they must have come from the trail. But I thought they were riding these horses and after a headcount found they were not. I always know when anyone is down there as Cassie goes nuts!
I will be going out today for a few hours but be back soon. Ruggles and I will go to the vet and then come home and relax again as that is what we do best!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautiful Morning

I arrived at the Farm about 3pm yesterday afternoon after dropping the group who live here at their ship. What a beautiful day it was to go on a cruise and today is even better. There was a power outage before I got here yesterday but by the time I returned it was restored. So, all is good on the home front. The dogs were glad to see me but of course I didn't come empty handed. I bought them knuckles from Safeway. They love those.
The horses are doing great, except they could use their mask on as the flies are really getting to the two horses. Laramie is still wearing his blanket and mask so he is okay. If Mom and Dad are reading this, please drop me an email and tell me where their mask is and I will put them on. I will take a look in the Tack Room.
The pups are already up and fed and ready for their day. Cassie has already chased the neighbor down the road. Ruggles seems to be in a little pain this morning. Not from her surgery seems she may have slept wrong on her back hips. She fell once trying to get up. I am going to look for some pain pills or give her some benedryl if it gets any worse.
I am going to meet Kathy at the Supermall today but will not be gone long. Lets keep our fingers crossed everything stays 'normal' while I am here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Night With Abbie Girl.....

This week went by fast. I always miss Abbie so when I leave and I don' t have her on the calendar anytime soon so I am sure I will really miss her this time.
She was perfect as usual. She has slowed down quite a bit but then we all do when we are aging. She loves to cuddle and give me kisses and I enjoy our walks during the day. She has been fantastic with the getting up in the middle of the night. She sleeps right through the night and I have to wake her in the morning to get her outside.
Her fur is starting to grow out so she is beginning to look like her old self again. I hope she misses me when I am gone. I thnk I will make it a point f stopping by from time to time to see how she is doing. I will try to catch her out in the yard so I don't bother her mommy and daddy.
I will leave tomorrow around noon. I am always available anytime I am needed for her and hopefully her owners know that!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She likes the flowers....what can I say?

Getting Abbie to pose these days has proven difficult these days. It isn't one of her favorite things to do anymore. I haven't tried dressing her up......we all know how she just LOVES that! LOL. So, here she is in the sunshine enjoying the flowers we just watered.
The weather is about 70degrees and cool. No rain yet although it looks like it is coming our way.
I was expecting to go out today but plans changed and I am spending another day at home with Abbie. She loves it when I don't go anywhere. 
Nothing new to report. Everything on the homefront is pretty quiet. I'm full of energy these days but Abbie isn't so I am playing low to her profile! We will get a walk in this afternoon so I can run off some of this energy. I don't dare go shopping....always gets me in trouble.
So, thats about it! Just me and Abbie.....hanging out enjoying the flowers!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Need To Water.....

Abbie and I woke up to puddles of rain this morning. It is still overcast and drizzling so there is no need to water the plants. So, we took a picture of Abbie guarding the plant anyway!!!!!
She has been such a good girl. She has not wanted to go out in the middle of the night once. But she goes out before bed and plenty during the day.
I noticed a growth on her bottom lip. Just wondering if Mom and Dad were aware of it??? Doesn't stop her from eating her cookies though!
Today will be our lazy day. Just hanging out with Television and maybe some toy time so she gets a little exercise in. If it clears up we will go for a walk as it is not too hot! Abbie is doing fine and we will check in tomorrow!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Long Time no see Abbie Girl.....

I arrived about 1:00 this afternoon. Abbie was sleeping out on the back porch. She took a couple of shakes to wake her. She was out like a light! But when she awoke and saw that it was me she  was very excited. Of course, she went straight to the cookie jar as she knows that is our routine!
She helped me unload the car and get moved in. No matter how long I stay away, she seems to remember our routine and it just warms my heart that she never forgets me.
We watered all the plants, including the front ones even though they looked as if they had been watered already. As hot as it is today, an extra watering won't hurt them. There were a couple of packages on the porch that we brought them in. Got all the groceries put away and now we are just leisurely hanging out!
We will go for walks this week but very early walks. It is suppose to warm up so more before cooling down so we will get the walks in before the sun gets too hot for her. Abbie and I are seniors and the heat gets to both of us!
Everything here is A-OK and I am looking forward to spending the week with my Abbie girl.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Sunshine and NO Casualties!!!

It is not often that I visit the farm and nothing out of the ordinary does not happen. LOL. I have been stuck in mud, snow, rain, and fallen trees. But the last couple of days have been nothing but sunshine, happy animals and the Olympics! What more can I ask for? I know....I know......I shouldn't say anything to jinx it!
As you can see, Cassie and Sunny are taking their naps. Ruggles is hiding under the table where it is cool. The horses are grazing in the pasture and all is quiet.
My friend was suppose to come by today to see the horses but I haven't heard from her. I get no cell service here and I forgot my charger to boot! So, I can't get her number to call her off my phone. We will connect somehow! The trials and tribulations of a pet sitter!
Well, not much else to say as everything is going so well. Whoever is reading my blog........
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ahhhhh.....Back at the farm

I arrived at the farm today about 1:30. The pups were excited to see me. This is why I love this business. Your clients are always glad to see you....give you kisses for free and all they want in return is a kind word, a pat on the head, a hug and a cookie. How can it get any better than that!
The weather is perfect and the horses were glad to see me as well. Its a little piece of heaven here and I am always glad to stay. doesn't hurt that their mommy and daddy are two of the best people you would ever want to meet!
Cassie, Ruggles and Sunny were ready to go outside and enjoy the sunshine as well. I got all settled in for the next four days and it is now just about sunset and we are ready for a good night of the Olympics and snacks!
I will keep you posted on the antics at the farm over the next few days! Hope their mommy and daddy are winning lots of money in Vegas!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Ellie and Abby.......

Meet two more Mini Schnauzers that have joined The Playful Paw family.....
Ellie and Abby are quite a little pair. They are sweet and gentle yet protect the family they love and no one enters their territory before letting you know that. Well, at least they let me know that. The first visit last week proved my point. Ellie was protective of her surroundings and not ready to warm up to me. But today, she was a different little girl. She welcomed me, gave me nose kisses and acted as if I have been taking care of her all along. This proves my point that our fur children, like us humans, need time to adjust to change. Ellie and Abby have not had pet sitters in the past and this week they have had two! I think they are doing very well.
I arrived at 8am today. And like I said, they were warm and welcoming. I immediately went to the treat cupboard to welcome them my way! We then got their leads and went outside. They were perfect! We have now settled in the 'movie' room. Their mommy mentioned that they love the movie room so that is where we will stay most of the time. We are going outside this afternoon
to water the grounds. Ellie and Abby are friends with Katie and Katja, my long-time client and friends. So I am keeping an eye on a visit from them.
Other than that, there is not much on our calendar. I am settled in and since I am here such a short time, I will not be leaving until tomorrow night. So, the 'girls' won't have to be alone for very long. They are snoring right now!

Friday, June 29, 2012

These pictures speak for themselves. The fur children are comfortble, spoiled and happy. Kathy comes over every day and takes Kira for a walk. Auntie Dee is building her strength back and doing very well. we play with the laser light and I want to post it on YouTube it is so funny. They get their treats regularly and if I forget they are sure to let me know. I Wish I had more to say but we are just a bunch of but boring little homebodies. But what better company.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kira and Joe

Blogger is acting up today and doesn't want to let me change my page design, so we are still in Hawaii mode.
Been with Kira and Joe since yesterday around 2pm. I know their mommy and daddy are concerned about me as I came straight here from the hospital, so I wanted to post and let them know I am doing well. Kira is snuggling up next to me keeping me warm and she is a good 'nurse' so I am in good paws! I am feeling a little tired and tingly today but otherwise doing well, so no worries.
I left the Cat Man Do's on the sink last night and when I awoke this morning the bag was on the ground and chewed through and of course....EMPTY. So, they took a little advantage of my recouperation, but my fault for leaving them out. I think , it was a joint effort and they are both very lazy today. So they are not lacking the treats today. LOL.
Everything is fine on the homefront. It is raining and cold so its a good day to be lazy!  will post some pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dogs dreaming of Hawaii.......

The pups and I have only our dreams of Hawaii as their mommy has the real thing!!!! This morning Ernie, Sugar, Marvy and Luna woke up dreaming of riding the wild waves in Hawaii. We did our morning routine and enjoyed the early morning sunshine as if it were the sun rising over the horizon! it was a far stretch....but we have our imaginations and we used them this morning.
All the pups are doing well even though I am sure they are missing their mommy badly. We played ball and chased rabbits. With cookies hanging out of their mouths, the pups went off to romp on their beautiful grounds that they love so well. I really look forward to seeing them each morning and evening. I have been feeling so well that it makes it that much more exciting to hang out with them in the morning sunshine. Even Ernie seems to be perkier these days.
So, all in all, we are all doing very well and anxious to get the rull report on Hawaii when mommy gets home!!!! Lots of puppy kisses to the small island! Aloha!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Awesome Aussies

Well, its been a while since I gave my blog the attention it deserves. But here I am and with what better pups than my quadruple of Aussies.....(well, Marvy THINKS he is an Aussie. LOL.
I tucked them away about 9pm last night and they were all happy campers. Sugar decided she wanted to stay out of the pen and sleep in the bed. I finally decided that must be why those beds were in there so I let her sleep on her little pool bed. Ernie and Luna and Marvy had no problem following the plan as usual.
When I returned this morning at 6:00 a.m., they were ready to begin their day. They are always so good I sometimes wonder who is watching who! They got special treats this morning as I took them some carrots as a little extra somethin, somethin! All got their pills and we hightailed it outside to do our morning business....(well, THEY did....I didn't of course). I promised them I would be back tonight with another special little treat before I tuck them away for the night.
We added the Hawaiin background as a tribute to their mama's vacation. They are all doing great and we will keep you posted from time to time. They send their mommy their love and they are wishing they were there on the shores with mama!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunny Day with Scnauzers

I arrived on Wed. at 5pm, just in time for dinner.  I always get extra points with the pups when I can walk in and hand out food immediately. They welcomed me as if I was just here a day ago. That is not too far off as I was just hete three weeks ago.
We have been spending tome outside, cleaning up the patio and just hanging out. They are such good pups there are rarely any issues. So we are just enjoying the sunshine and each other's company.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are a boring group

I realize I have not blogged much but we have been such a boring group, there is not much to report. I am using my IPAD which is an Apple product and is not user friendly to Blogger so I cannot upload photos. I will retrieve my regular laptop tomorrow and post some pics of the pups. Everyone is doing fine. We had a beautiful weekend but the forecast for the next ninety, yes Ninety days is exactly the same. Cloudy, rain and 57 to 62ish degrees. It has rained all day today. But the Tulips on the patio are fully bloomed and very pretty. We swept and did poop patrol today. None of the pups wanted to go out in the rain. We go out about every two hours and just hang out for a bit.
Tomorrow is the first day I will leave at all. They are so spoiled. All is perfect in Schnauzerland.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Schnauzer Town

I have been with Izzy, Molly, and Frannie since Friday. Although there has been a lag in blogging, there has been no lag in attention on these three sweeties. Now that I finally have everything in place, I can assure everyone that all is well in Schnauzer Town.
"The kids" have been great. The weather beautiful and it has been a relaxing four days. It seems they have some new fur neighbors a couple doors down. It kind of drives them crazy that they are so close to their turf, but other than that, not much bothers them. Molly had her last dose of medicine today so they are all on their regular diet now. Kathy came by yesterday with my mail. A friend of mine sent some peanut butter bones she found in California. She wanted my dogs to give them a try. It's a good thing there were only about ten in the bag because I left them on the table next to the couch and when I returned from the kitchen, they had been devoured. Oops! Hey....if I were a dog, I would have seized the moment as well. They were smiling all afternoon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

wow.....what a day

Yesterday was a weatherman's dream. We had heavy snow in the morning until about noon. Then the sun came out and it looked like it was all over. Until about three when pea size hail came down so hard even Abbie would not go out in it. The ground was covered in the frozen hail enough to look like it snowed. Once that quit, the rains came back and continued all night, only to wake up to a rain snow mix this morning. There is still quite a bit of the hail on the ground so the temperature didn't rise too much. This is the craziest weather ever!
But Abbie and I are doing great.....she goes out when she can see that it's clear! Just love her.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Abbie Girl

.I arrived at Abbie's at 7:30 yesterday morning. She was happy to see me and was well aware of the treats in my pocket. Can't get nothin past her. She was excellent last night. We went out at 11pm and she slept the whole night. I was given a high powered flashlight for Christmas because I mentioned to a friend that I always go out with Abbie even if it is 3am in the morning. So, she bought me this high powered flashlight that I am sure can wake the dead, but I never lose sight of my Abbie girl.

I went to Mud Bay today and bought her a special tat. Is a fully digestible knuckle bone that she will be able to chew on for months if not years. She is in dog heaven right now.
Kathy is with the labs and kittens in Bellevue and all is well there as well. The cats are running out of food and the dogs need a good pooper scooper, so I will be making a run to pick those things up soon. All the fur children are doing great. Nothing to worry about. P.S......I am using my IPad so formatting photos is tricky which is whynyounsee only a portion of Abbie. But, trust me, that whole bone is in her mouth!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Snowing, Raining, Windy....all of the above

We have had snow warnings for the last ten days in a row. Winter is going out with a bang. But its mostly nuisance snow, rain, and now wind is coming tonight. All is uneventful on the home front though and expect it to remain that way for the next three days. Kathy will be covering these last three days with the Bellevue pets and I will be watching Abbie until everyone comes home on Sunday. So, keep your fingers crossed we don't have a repeat of our four day weekend in January when we were snowed in at our pet sits an couldn't get out for days! Heaven forbid!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow Again.....5 days until Spring!

Mattie, Sophie and I woke up to snow this morning. I was up off and on all night so I watched it fall all night. The pups love romping in the snow and they come in with white flakes on their backs. But I have to tell you their latest adventure. There is a Gazebo in the back yard. Just behind the Gazebo is an old storage box, probably holding gardening tools or the like. It has a sloped top. There is a gap between the Gazebo and the box of about 1 foot. Well, Sophie and Mattie decided to jump up and over the Gazebo and onto the box. However, they were too scared to jump back down. I called them and called them and when I didn't see them I went looking. There they stood, both on top of the box, wagging their tails but tentative as they were scared to jump. I couldn't help but laugh, but wondered how the heck I was going to get these dogs down. I have been battling pneumonia, so even at full strength, I am not sure I could have lifted Mattie as she outweighs Sophie by 10 or 15 pounds at least. So, I found a piece of ply board and made a ramp and pulled them by their collar to get them down. Once they were down, they thought it was a game and tried to jump back up. Silly dogs.....I have shored the Gazebo up a bit with the loose Check Spellingsticks that were lying on the Gazebo. They haven't jumped up there since. They are too funny. Between their shenanigans and the cat's sleuth work, it is never a dull moment around here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rain, Rain and more Rain......

Even though it is raining like crazy, Mattie and Sophie are romping out in the yard without a care in the world. The sun is shining, but it is still raining. They are so full of energy but I have noticed they have calmed down since I first met them. They have been very good for me and are doing what they should be doing and that is just being the pups they are. I am thankful they have calmed down as it is allowing me to get over this bout with Pneumonia. Although, I think it is back and will make a doctor visit this week.
Misty and Links are so mad they can't get into the bathroom. I guess I didn't pull the door shut all the way and one of those little rascals, moved the plant, slid open the pocket door, moved that heavy statue and pushed the plastic lid covering the hole in the wall just enough to sneak under it. I just couldn't believe it. These are not your ordinary cats!! They have mad skills! But I caught them in time when they were both in their bedroom eating and boarded up the bathroom again and this time made sure the door was shut. I hear them pawing at the door trying to get in there. What can be so damn interesting in that hole in the wall?
Everything in Bellevue is A-OK. They will be glad to see their mommy and daddy next Sunday!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

All the Fur Children are doing well.....

I wish I had more interesting blogs to report, but its been rather quiet. The pups and the kittens are all doing well and they have settled down after long romps outside. (only the pups, of course). Mattie and Sophie are fascinated with the dog across the way and Mattie comes running in with her fur standing up on her back. While Sophie stands her ground and barks back at the other dog.
Still having to coax Sophie to eat, especially in the morning. Don't know if it is a phase or if it is just me. Kathy said she ate fine for her. I eventually feed her by hand or just spend as much time as it takes for her to eat.
It is suppose to rain all weekend, so they won't get a lot of outdoor time. But, they have plenty of bones and treats. Everything is well here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lazyyyyy Dayyyyy

The snow has melted and Sophie and Mattie have enjoyed playing outside for most of the day. They come in long enough to take a nap or two and then back outside to run off some energy. They seem to be settling down a little more these days. They are finally settling into their house and their routine and that is a good thing. They will be easier to train when the time comes.
Sophie seems to need more coaxing to eat. I wonder if she is doing this wihappy th her mom and dad as well? I have to sit on the stairs and feed her from my hand to get her started. She certainly isn't food oriented as Mattie is. But we are working through it and she is getting her nutrients in. Misty and Links are happy and I even saw Links today. He sat in the hall until he saw me comeing towards him and then he took off. But, not far...just back under the bed. Everything is great on this end. It is suppose to be nicer tomorrow so I will make a bank run and a market run.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow in Bellevue

Well, I got sprung from the hospital yesterday and I am cozy as a bug in a rug with Sophie and Mattie. We woke up to snow this morning and it is snowing very hard right now. I think we will be staying in today. Sophie and Mattie love to play in the snow.
It was nice of Kathy to cover my first two days for me. She will also be here the last four days. Its a very good thing I have a backup! The pups never go unattended.
All is well on the homefront today and I expect it to stay that way!!!