Saturday, June 9, 2012

Awesome Aussies

Well, its been a while since I gave my blog the attention it deserves. But here I am and with what better pups than my quadruple of Aussies.....(well, Marvy THINKS he is an Aussie. LOL.
I tucked them away about 9pm last night and they were all happy campers. Sugar decided she wanted to stay out of the pen and sleep in the bed. I finally decided that must be why those beds were in there so I let her sleep on her little pool bed. Ernie and Luna and Marvy had no problem following the plan as usual.
When I returned this morning at 6:00 a.m., they were ready to begin their day. They are always so good I sometimes wonder who is watching who! They got special treats this morning as I took them some carrots as a little extra somethin, somethin! All got their pills and we hightailed it outside to do our morning business....(well, THEY did....I didn't of course). I promised them I would be back tonight with another special little treat before I tuck them away for the night.
We added the Hawaiin background as a tribute to their mama's vacation. They are all doing great and we will keep you posted from time to time. They send their mommy their love and they are wishing they were there on the shores with mama!