Thursday, November 20, 2008

Abbi the elusive.....

Abbie thinks I am part of the family. However, she knows she can 'play' me and does this every chance she gets. She is used to my crazy schedule and always greets me with open paws. I sometimes wonder if she puts on a few pounds from all the treats she gets from me. I know her mommy and daddy give her treats, but she knows she can look at me with those big soulful eyes and I give in every time. She has been escaping her yard lately. I have learned where she does this and have confined her to her back yard which is about an acre! Poor Abbi.....only an acre! But, she loves the front of her house so we walk often and spend time out there so she will not feel deprived.She is a gentle, comical and intelligent canine and she has my heart forever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet the newest Additions!

These are the newest additions to the Playful Paw Family. Three Mini Aussies and one very lovable Golden Retriever.

Belle, a shy, kind of skiddish young lady has recently been adopted and is looking for a new home. Moby, the Retriever, Abby, a Mini Aussie, and Red Red Roxy.....also a Mini and full of energy.
All of the pups are doing awesome. Everyone is adjusting to the schedule of my being in and out.
We are bonding and they are very happy to know that I will be feeding them. They LOVE to eat and are getting lots of treats.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are still here.....

Its been five days since my first post and it shocked me as it has only seemed like a couple of days. But, Ms. Abigail and I are doing fine. She has hated that it is raining every single day and she can't go outside while Auntie Dee goes to work, but she loves it when I come home mid-day and play with her and let her run. I am usually only gone six to seven hours for work, so she is only alone about four at a time. She is getting used to the routine and loves to run and play and especially loves the extra treats.
She and I have been playing at night. She loves to run like crazy after her squeak toy. But, like myself, she is aging and chasing that thing on the tile flooring isn't a good thing as she almost ran into the wall a couple of times.
She and I go for the mail once a day and she has to carry a piece of mail with her. She's no dummy as she knows everytime she does this, she gets a cookie. I sometimes wonder who is taking care of who!

We are watching television tonight. She is snoring (she has a princess snore) right now.

There is a pet store next to my store and I would like to take her there as they have free bathing equipment and on certain days, you can wash your pets for free. I will check into this and see if it fits our schedule. She can always go to the store with me at work for the rest of the day! I think she might like this!

All is well on the Abbi household.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall with Abbi

Abbi and I are spending some time together again. I always miss her when I am away awhile, but now I get to see her about every two weeks and that keeps our bond strong.

She is trying to work me tonight though. She keeps going to her cookie jar and she has had WAY too many today, so I am not giving in. She is standing beside me now giving me her little growl as if to say 'But, I Want a Cookie'.

The weather is kind of sucky right now so she can't stay outside. She has been getting out of her electric fence and I think I know why. There is an area on the property that she goes to every time and walks the same route and comes out by her mail box. So, there may be something wrong with the flag at that point. I won't leave her outside but I will go in the back and close both gates and stay out there with her and she seems to be okay with that.

Other than that, she is the best. She is just as loving as ever and I will enjoy the next two weeks with her!