Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy HOWLoween......

Well, I am back from am family reunion and November is a very busy Fur Children month! I will be so glad to see everyone that I haven't seen in a while. I will be out from Halloween until December. The last half of this year has been slow but I certainly understand why a lot of you have chosen to spend the holidays and the latter part of this year at home. I just miss everyone when I don't see you for a long time. And that goes for the two-legged friends as well as the four-legged friends! So, see you all soon!!!! Have a Pawsitively Happy Howloween!!!! (I'm so corny)

Friday, October 14, 2011

The New Paw Mobile and my cute!@!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Night

Abbie and I are doing great. It is our last night together but I will be back in three weeks to spend a good long stay with her. She is doing well. She has not gotten me up in the middle of the night at all. She goes out at 11pm and then we go out in the morning around 7am. She is making it through the night so I hope for her parent's sake she keeps it up.
Its been raining all day today. I had to go get my shot this morning and when I returned she looked so sad because she wanted to go out but it was pouring down rain. So, we waited it out and the rain finally broke and we were able to go for a walk. She got a good brushing today and she is busy sawing logs right now. She is so cute and she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her family tomorrow night. I will leave her about 5pm tomorrow and see her again in a few weeks.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ready for Halloween

Well, she actually looks like she is ready for me to quit dressing her up. But, despite the look on her face, she loves it. Especially since she knows she is getting a treat when she is done. Every year I tell myself I am going to go buy her a real costume and every year I she is forced to wear a make-shift Witches outfit. I think she is mad because she is being upstaged by the witch next to her. But THAT witch didn't get a treat!
Abbie is being her usual perfect self. She has been resting all day except for the visit from the girls next door. She wore her costume, ate her cookie and now she is snoring! What a life!!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abbie's Lazy Today

Abbie is feeling fine, but she really wants to be lazy today. I tried to get her to go out for a walk and she was having no part of it. I guess dogs are like people.....there are times when we just want to be a vegetable! She loves it when I make my lunch or a snack. She is definitely more animated as she is hoping for the smallest of morsels. I am sure it is because she is starving to death ;-)
Nothing new to report. The sky is blue right now but I suspect not for long. It has been overcast and the white clouds just came out and split so the sun could peek through just long enough to tease us. I feel the rain coming back by sundown. Abbie slept all night last night. She went out about 10pm and didn't wake to go out again until 7am this morning. I was very surprised. I haven't left today so she is happy to be curled up next to me snoring away!!!! She is so freakin cute!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Abbie, the Rain and Me......

Well, so much for the sunshine. It has been raining here all day. It didn't stop Abbie and me from taking a little stroll. She is curled up on her bed right now as if we hiked a mountain top. I guess we have both hit the Geriatric Stage......Ugh!
The weekend is coming and Abbie knows that we go to McDonald's on Sunday. I will cut back on the French Fries as she does not need to put weight on. She is in such good shape and we need to keep her figure! Nothing exciting happening today. She is content, resting and loving the cookies she gets. What a life!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Abbie turned 14 mid-September. I am with her for the next few days and she was happy to see me. It seems like forever since I have been here. I have to admit....I LIVE for my Abbie Fix! She is the best looking 14-year-old I have ever seen. I have many senior fur children, but just as some people hold their age well, so does Abbie.
It rained like crazy yesterday, last night and the early part of today. But, it let up this afternoon which gave us time to spend some time outside. She is so good about my leaving in the morning to go get my B-12 shots, but I suspect she knows I am coming right back as she is never surprised to see me return. She was so funny today when I checked the mail. She just strolled right out to the street like she didn't have her electronic collar on??? Wonder if it is working???? It didn't seem to zap her and I had to move back toward the house and call her to come back behind the invisible line.
She slept pretty well last night. Her mommy had mentioned that she was getting up several times in the night. I took her out at 11pm and she didn't wake me until 4am. Not too bad but I will keep an eye on her in case she has a little bladder infection.
All is well on the Abbie Front! Hopefully we can catch some sunshine one day this week to get some really good pictures!