Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are a boring group

I realize I have not blogged much but we have been such a boring group, there is not much to report. I am using my IPAD which is an Apple product and is not user friendly to Blogger so I cannot upload photos. I will retrieve my regular laptop tomorrow and post some pics of the pups. Everyone is doing fine. We had a beautiful weekend but the forecast for the next ninety, yes Ninety days is exactly the same. Cloudy, rain and 57 to 62ish degrees. It has rained all day today. But the Tulips on the patio are fully bloomed and very pretty. We swept and did poop patrol today. None of the pups wanted to go out in the rain. We go out about every two hours and just hang out for a bit.
Tomorrow is the first day I will leave at all. They are so spoiled. All is perfect in Schnauzerland.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Schnauzer Town

I have been with Izzy, Molly, and Frannie since Friday. Although there has been a lag in blogging, there has been no lag in attention on these three sweeties. Now that I finally have everything in place, I can assure everyone that all is well in Schnauzer Town.
"The kids" have been great. The weather beautiful and it has been a relaxing four days. It seems they have some new fur neighbors a couple doors down. It kind of drives them crazy that they are so close to their turf, but other than that, not much bothers them. Molly had her last dose of medicine today so they are all on their regular diet now. Kathy came by yesterday with my mail. A friend of mine sent some peanut butter bones she found in California. She wanted my dogs to give them a try. It's a good thing there were only about ten in the bag because I left them on the table next to the couch and when I returned from the kitchen, they had been devoured. Oops! Hey....if I were a dog, I would have seized the moment as well. They were smiling all afternoon.