Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bahhhhhh Humbug!

Scout wasn't happy that I was trying to dress him in his Santa Hat. But he really is a happy kitty. He is full of personality and loves it when I come to feed him. His mommy won't be happy because he insists on going on the living room sofa where he is NOT suppose to be. But, he only does it when I am not there. I can tell when I come into the house he is jumping off that sofa because the blanket is down. I keep telling him he is going to get in trouble when Mommy gets home. If cats could talk I am certain he would say 'So what?' He is doing great and eating like a champ!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Scout Kitty

Scout is doing well. He still loves his cat house, well I should say his 'cat condo'. He has enough toys and gadgets to keep any cat happy for days. He has gotten used to my routine twice a day and greets me at the door and usually ends up rolling around on the steps until I sit down and pet him and pull his tail. He likes that. He gets brushed every morning and at night I play the laser games. By the way there are these three lasers on the table and I just HAVE to have some like them so I need to remind his mommy and daddy to tell me where they got them! They are cool. Anyway, as you can tell I am more into them than Scout is because he barely chases the single red dot before giving up. But he loves his feathers and he loves to chat while I clean his box and feed him or wash his bowl. He is doing great.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Pawsssssss

Well, we made it through the night and the pups are not fazed by anything that goes on. They were anxious to get their pictures taken for the Christmas Blog (even though they are part Jewish). Of course, it only took about 40 attempts and a bunch of cookies, but we managed.
They are all doing fine. They could care less if we have partial outage of electricity and gas and we are all just hanging out today.


You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz where the house picks up and twirls around and around.....I swear this house was going to do that. We had winds up to 70 miles per hour last night here at the farm. The dogs were up all night, I was up all night....we just kept waiting. I was going over in my head what my escape plan would be and how would I get all these animals in my car! It was the craziest thing. I could hear stuff flying off the deck and hitting the glass door. I was afraid something would come through those doors or a window. The whole house shook for hours. When daylight hit, I put on my coat and shoes and went to feed the horses. That is when I found all the debri everywhere. There is tree droppings all over the horses area. There is a lot of debri in their water which I must work on shortly. A tree is down on the road to the horses and I can't drive down the trail so I walked down to feed them this morning. I started up the road to get out as I have a cat to feed twice a day and there is an even larger tree trapping that road. So, I called my friend to come and rescue me. I will climb over the tree and have her take me to my cat feed. Its crazy.

Scout the Muncher

Scout is doing extremely well. He hasn't shown any interest in going outside. But he does love me to brush him and play with his feather. Last night he sat in his little bed and let me pet him for a long time. He's doing great and eating like a champ!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Scout!

Scout is my newest member to the Playful Paw family. He is a beautiful Gray Tabby color but has Manx in his line. He is very social with me when I come to visit. I made my first visit last night and he was cordial, spoke to me and rubbed up against my legs while I was fixing his dinner. He seems to be quite comfortable in his surroundings and loves to be on his cat furniture. I made a visit this morning and he was the same way. He never runs for the door and was happy that there was someone there to play with him. I gave him some wet food this morning and then cleaned his box. He crawled up on his cat pole and wanted to play with his feather. So, I played with him for quite a while and he seems very content. And....surprisingly, he never gestured to go out the back door. So, all is well on the Scout front!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kira and Joe are ready for Christmas. Have you ever tried to make a CAT wear a Hat.....other than Dr. Seuss? Joe was really good posing for me but his attention span is short.....he was over it after about 10 seconds. On the other hand, Kira will sit as long as I want her too, provided I have a cookie in one hand. Awwww....the tricks of the trade. One would think I don't have a life. But I do......its just in the animal kingdom!
Anyway, Kira and Joe are excellent. They are behaving and we squeeze in some walking time in between the storm! Joe is just happy if I feed him. Kira chased the laser light for hours so she is tuckered out right now.
All is well on the homefront!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kira and JoeJoe

I arrived yesterday at 1pm. Kira was excited to see me and so was Joe. Both greeted me at the door. It rained all day so we just played with toys and hung out. I have been here today, all day. We have been very mellow today. There have been some sun breaks so Kira has been able to go out and run around. I sometimes wonder where she goes. I am going to follow her one day. When I call for her, she comes running as fast as she can.
JoeJoe has been very affectionate. He has been on my lap and come up just to visit, but his favorite spot is under the Christmas Tree. He seems to be leaving the ornaments alone so I let him be there as long as I can watch him.
No camera today, but stay tuned for their Christmas picture tomorrow!!! Everything is fine on the homefront.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ready for Christmas

Its the first day of December and Abbie is ready for the Pawlidays!
Ok, so its a little corny, but the dogs love me :-).

She's been quiet the past couple of days. Today is no rain so she has gone outside and buried her bone twice now. She went back to look for it after I made her do her costume duty and she couldn't find it. Wonder if dogs start to lose their memory in their senior years like I, I mean like others do? Right now she is asleep at my feet and just seems to be as content as can be. I am sure she will be quite excited to see her mommy and daddy on Saturday. I realize this is my business, but what a business. I am very lucky and never take advantage of the fact that I have the greatest clients/friends who trust me with their animals. I love each of them individually and all of them are like children, they each have their own personality. I really do become an extension of their family as they put all their trust in me and I would never betray that trust. I'm a lucky gal to have ALL the animal friends that I have. I wish all of my clients and their fur children the best of Holidays and a most properous New Year!!!!!!