Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The older we get, the harder we fall......

Abbie is doing great. As a matter of fact, she is doing much better than me. She has been watching me doing some extra chores. We cleaned the entire bar area, cleaned the oven, washed all the kitchen cabinets and finally cleaned the stainless steel hood over the stove. While working in the kitchen today, Abbie laid at my feet while I cleaned counters and did dishes. I turned to take some recycled trash out and took a huge fall across the floor. Abbie came to my aide but unfortunately couldn't break my fall OR help me up. It took me a good fifteen minutes to get up and I realized I had done some serious damage. So, I spent two hours in emergency before coming back home to her. Nothing broken, but seriously bruised. I feel like a Mac truck hit me. Other than that, everything is swell.....or should I say 'swollen'. LOL. But, we will get by and do the rest of the cleaning one handed. I am glad we got the largest projects out of the way. I have a few days to finish before Abbie's mom and dad come home, so we will be okay! I wonder what goes through her little head. Wish I could speak pooch so I knew what she was thinking. On second thought....maybe I don't want to know. She is probably calling me a clutz or a dork or something! She loves me though!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not too much new to report. Abbie and I have been slugs (appropriately so in this house!). We caught a sun break so Abbie romped in the yard for a while. She loves going to get the mail with me. Ever since she showed me the trick of carry a piece of mail to the house, she insists on doing this each time. Of course, it could be because she gets a treat every time to show what a smart girl she is. She is still sleeping on the bed with me. She has been knawing on the bone I bought her and just being lazy as dog should do!
We went for a ride yesterday and got some McDonalds. She got a french fry but was kind of upset I wouldn't give her any more. Don't want to make her sick. But that doesn't stop her from looking at me with those sad eyes pleading for a bite of my burger! I had to be strong.
I have some shopping to do today. A friend of mine is coming in from Chicago and she will be staying at my house and visiting during the day so Abbie will have more company. Other than that...all is well and peaceful at the Abbie household.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Abbie update.....

I just realized it has been a few days since her last blog. I guess we can blame that on the weather as she and I have lived a very low key few days.
Since the weather is bad I have been taking Abbie on rides in the car. Little trips to the Post Office, the market or just over to my house to check on my little one at home. She loves this and now expects it every day. We have also been working out in the garage as I have a few projects for Christmas and I have set up a little workshop in the garage. We don't spend a lot of time in there as we are freezing.
Abbie has been enjoying the bones I bought her. She doesn't want to go outside much and I can't say I blame her. But, she enjoys playing toss the toy in the living room and following me around to see if I am going to drop any food for her. She is getting lots of treats and plenty of attention. My friend who lives down the street always enjoys seeing Abbie and she played with Abbie the other day when she picked me up to go to lunch. We had a visit from Katy and Katja today but Abbie really just wanted them to go away so she could have all my attention. We go for walks too as soon as the sun breaks. All in all, everything is going smoothly and she is a happy girl.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Abbie...the smartest dog EVER!!!!!!

Abbie never ceases to amaze me. Comical as it was, she made me feel so safe last night........

It began about 11pm. Abbie on the bed and resting. We both heard a TWEET! Having the same Fire detectors, I recognized the sound of that Tweet! But, Abbie raised her head from a dead sleep and gave me a look as if to say "Did you hear that?". I told her (as if she understands me) it was okay. Just the fire detector and we would change the battery the next day.

Five minutes passed and another TWEET. Abbie again, raised her head and looked at me. This happened about three times before she sat up. She was not having any part of that TWEET! She jumped off the bed and became very restless. I tried to ignore her but she began her little growl that usually tells me she wants outside. I asked her ( if she understood) if she wanted outside. I went to the door and she followed. When I opened the door she wouldn't budge. She followed me back into the bedroom. I tried again to ignore her but she came to the side of the bed and nudged my hand. She continued to do this. I finally realized she was leading me to the door because of the warning signal from the fire detector. Well, needless to say, this is her house and what Abbie wants, Abbie gets! So, we went to the garage at midnight and rustled up the aluminum ladder and I was on the ceiling fixing the detector. I couldn't find batteries so the housing ended up in the garage until the next day. But one thing is for sure........As long as Abbie is around, you will not be hurt in a fire, eaten by a critter in the closet or have too many dog biscuits!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Abbie Antics!

The sun came out today and Abbie had a dry day for a change. The lawn was still soaked, but dry enough for the gardners to come out!
Yesterday was another story. It poured all day and we just couldn't seem to get a dry minute. I bought Abbie a big bone and she immediately wanted to take it outside and bury it. Well, I have been here long enough to know her favorite hiding spot (even though she doesn't like me to watch), so I let her out to bury her bone. She returned to the house for a while, but soon wanted out again. I was preparing dinner, so I let her out and continued my chore. Abbie usually will come to the door and let me know she wants back in. When she didn't come for a long time, I went looking for her. I called her name in both the front and back of the house. I didn't realize she was right in front of me all the time. But, she was laid out on the lawn, in the pouring rain, knawing on her bone and loving every minute. It was a two-towel clean up and I made her bring her bone in. When I realized how nasty it was from her chewing and the rain, I tossed it back outside and forgot about it.
When we woke up to the sunshine, I let Abbie out for a while. Again, she was very quiet and I looked out to see if she was chewing on her bone. She was laying on the grass but this time, a HUGE German Shepherd was chewing on her bone. I believe this is the neighbor, but in two years I have never seen him before. Abbie was watching every chew, every move, every lick of that bone. But, she didn't approach to take over her property. I let Abbie in the house hoping the neighbor would get bored and leave the bone. When he had gone, Abbie went to the spot he was chewing and didn't find her bone. Soooooo, I bought her another one. She doesn't like it as well because it isn't nasty, soft, chewy and have the scent of the German Shepherd. But this story has a happy ending. We went out to the front of the house tonight to take a little walk and Abbie found her bone. I told her she better find a better hiding place so the neighbor doesn't steal it again!!!

Kitties, Kitties and more Kitties!

Everything on the Cat front is doing well. No more alarm mistakes and all kitties are warming up to me great! Of course, it helps that they know I am there to feed them, pet them, clean up after them and play a little ball or string game. Cats are so smart! And, these are no exception. Yogi, the senior of the group loves eating food off my fingers. Lilly, on the other hand isn't excited about getting her pill forced on her but she hasn't bitten me yet! And Sabrina just wants to fill that empty belly and be on her way. However, they all enjoy the petting and attention they get while I am there.Of all the loving attention and play time with Sabrina, Yogi and Lilly.....I am sad to say that Spook continues to be aloof. (that is putting it mildly). He stayed in the corner of the room today and stared at me cleaning his dish and cat box and offering more food. His low growl told me he just wanted me out of there. He is not the social butterfly!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Invisible Cat.... SPOOK!

Spook lives next door to the other three cats listed below. He is also a new addition. However, he is not quite the social butterfly that Sabrina, Lilly and Yogi are! I guess it didn't help that I accidentally triggered the alarm and he had to listen to all that noise. When I walked into his living space, he was sitting right in the middle of the bed. As you can see by the picture above, he flew like a jet and hid from me. So, I took the picture of his imprint on the bed! LOL. He was fine when I arrived this morning and again tonight. I saw him briefly but he didn't run. He casually walked away to his favorite hiding space. He is eating and drinking, so I am not worried. Some cats are like people.......aloof! If I can get an actual shot of him I will post again! I know......GOOD LUCK!

Meet the Felines!

Meet the newest addition to the Playful Paw Family. These little fur babies are relatives of Kira! (you can see Kira by clicking older posts on my blog at the bottom).

The largest solid black kitty is Sabrina and she is on the other side of that wall peeking out at us. The Medium solid black kitty is Lilly. And, that little tabby is Yogi and she is the oldest (again, like me).They were welcoming when I arrived at their house. Yogi was in her little bed cuddled in her blanket. Sabrina was laying nuzzled down in the back of the couch. And, Lilly was in her tube hiding out. But as soon as I entered and called all their names, they came running. Stretching and yawning all the while. The are all very social and seemed not to be bothered by their new 'Auntie' Dee showing up to feed them. We got through our routine and the alarm without a hitch. The next stop was not so breezy!!!!!!

Back at Abbie's for Thanksgiving......

I swear Abbie thinks I am her long lost Aunt. She is so used to me coming and going - its as if I live here. Come to think of it, I DO live here A LOT. Not complaining as I love spending time with my Abbie Girl. And you can tell by this picture she is sooooooo spoiled. She loves sleeping with me. Oooops......don't tell anyone she sleeps on the bed. Not sure if Mommy and Daddy know that! Well, she does when I am here anyway. She is getting a little near retirement - like me :0) so I scoot the footstool over to give her an extra boost on the bed. She is snoring as we speak.

The weather has been cold and rainy and lots of fall breeze. We went for a walk today and it got so cold, we turned back around. Abbie likes to spend time in the house these days so she pretty much goes out just to do her thing.
Anyway, all is well on the homefront. She's happy. I'm happy. Can't ask for more than that!