Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missing my Fur Friends but singing in the sunshine...

On vacation means missing my animals, but never fear, I will return tan and renewed. Hello to all my wonderful clients and here is a little ditty to get you through..........

Monday, June 13, 2011

Horsing Around on Sunday......

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. There was a LOT of activity down at the horses that spanned the entire day! Three horse trailers were in and out, a quarter horse and buggy trotting around the arena, people milling was the first time I have seen that much activity here.

Given the injuries that Sunny experienced with a kick to the face by one of the horses, I didn't know who the people were or whether the dogs were used to other horses, so I chose to keep them inside with me while they were down there. I would let them out to play in between visitors. However, Cassie was having no part of this at first....she went ballistic when she saw the first visitor. She ran to the windows in the dining area and began whining. She ran back through the dining room to the living room windows and in her craziness, she got caught up in my computer cords and BAM!! My new computer was kissing the floor hello. Soooo, it will be going to the computer hospital tomorrow. I am borrowing the house computer to blog. It wasn't Cassie's was an accident and I should have just let her out. But, I would rather deal with her high strung whining than an injury by any of the visitors in and out during the day. So much for my 'low key' theory, eh?

But everyone is ok and intact this morning. They are sleeping as it is raining cats and dogs (pun intended) today and haven't had much outdoor time. As soon as it clears, they will go outside and play as there are no visitors here today.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday with the Fur Children.....

All the fur children including the four horses are doing well. No bad news to report, thank goodness. I make it a habit when I am pet-sitting to remain low key. One would think it is my 'rest time'. But, taking care of someone else's Fur Children is not all that restful. But remaining low key and not causing to much chaos by stepping outside their normal routine is key to the animals not experiencing separation anxiety. No, I'm not doctor of Fur Children....but, logic and experience goes a long way. Sunny, Ruggles, Cassie, Barnie, Laramie, Nash, Chip and Major......oh, and let us not forget the birds, are all doing well and seem well adjusted as usual. Even Cassie (the youngest pup) is behaving herself. She shows how she can be disciplined by her feeding time. She is so good about her 'down' command and 'wait' command when I am feeding her. She patiently waits while I say 'wait....wait....wait....' and then OKAY. As soon as she hears 'OKAY' she is on it like Donkey Kong! Barnie is summoning me to the front door. She goes in and out like she just can't make up her mind. I don't mind though, at least she doesn't take off and always returns to the front door to tell me she wants in.

That's about it. No worries on the Farm.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The KIDS are fine......

Today was cleaning day so I had a little break between here and home. When I returned I walked into a house that had been cleaned but reaked of swamp water. Cassie was soaking wet and had black grease or something all over her. She still reaks! I know she must have been in that pond all day! So, tomorrow we may attempt a bath because she has been scratching and chewing non-stop since I arrived last Tuesday. I thought she might have dermatitis, but I believe it is the pond scum that is making her itch constantly. I know there is no way to keep her from the pond...these are outdoor dogs and the pond is there for the taking.....and she LOVES to chase that long necked crane!

But other than that......everything is great. The pups and Barnie are happy. Barb has been taking care of the horses so I haven't had much contact with them other than mixing up their food at night and a short visit during the day, but she is taking good care of them.

Oh...and the pups will be happy because I made all their frozen bones. I brought them a little chicken and cut it into little tiny pieces and put it in their bones too. No fat..just white meat. Will update the blog again on Saturday unless we have something monumental happen tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old MACdonald had a farm...E I E I O....

Well, the farm kids are all great as usual. I got here yesterday around noon and they were excited to see me for about five minutes and then excited to get outside to enjoy a beautiful day. Of course, they headed straight for the pond. The sun hung around until about 4pm and then the skies opened up and down came the rain. It was raining buckets and has continued to rain all night and all this morning. Laramie and Nash (or is that Chip in with Laramie?).....Anyway, the horses in the right pasture were bizarre last night. Before Laramie's momma came to feed they were chasing each other around in the pasture and rearing up on their hind legs and I swear I heard the neighhhhhhhh all the way from the house. They were partying in the rain. It was a sight, I must say. Barnie brought me two rewards from outside. One was a bird's head that was left on the kitchen floor. Don't know when she brought it in but Cassie was sniffing it. It killed me to have to pick the poor thing up and throw it out. I don't even like to kill ants. Then I opened the door only to find Barnie sitting there with a tiny gray rat. It was a baby and she dropped it on the porch and came inside. Guess she had enough to eat. Can't she bring me a flower or something? Jeeshhhhhh.

But everything is fine on the homefront.