Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old MACdonald had a farm...E I E I O....

Well, the farm kids are all great as usual. I got here yesterday around noon and they were excited to see me for about five minutes and then excited to get outside to enjoy a beautiful day. Of course, they headed straight for the pond. The sun hung around until about 4pm and then the skies opened up and down came the rain. It was raining buckets and has continued to rain all night and all this morning. Laramie and Nash (or is that Chip in with Laramie?).....Anyway, the horses in the right pasture were bizarre last night. Before Laramie's momma came to feed they were chasing each other around in the pasture and rearing up on their hind legs and I swear I heard the neighhhhhhhh all the way from the house. They were partying in the rain. It was a sight, I must say. Barnie brought me two rewards from outside. One was a bird's head that was left on the kitchen floor. Don't know when she brought it in but Cassie was sniffing it. It killed me to have to pick the poor thing up and throw it out. I don't even like to kill ants. Then I opened the door only to find Barnie sitting there with a tiny gray rat. It was a baby and she dropped it on the porch and came inside. Guess she had enough to eat. Can't she bring me a flower or something? Jeeshhhhhh.

But everything is fine on the homefront.