Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Pictures from That Snowy, Icy Time..............

Enjoy these pics of the Fur Children who survived their Wintery time with the Pet Sitter!!!!!

Molly and Izzy in the Snow......

Frannie Staying Out of The Snow

Ruggles Resting

Sunny Resting

Cassie Watching Television

The Farm.....Snowing

Abbie on Alert......

Abbie Loving the Snow......

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Incredible two weeks......

Well, you have heard it on the is now over and everyone has dug themselves out and things seem so normal, as if it never actually happened.
In all my years in Washington and being in this business, I have NEVER experienced the wrath of Mother Nature like I did in this last big Pet Sit weekend. I could write a book, and this last adventure has enticed me to do just that. 'The Adventures of Pet Sitting"
The Snow/Ice/Wind Storm that held two friends and myself hostage seemed uneventful to the animals we were spending time with. However, it taught me a valuable lesson that I should have learned while Girl Scouting.....IF, I had ever been a Girl Scout.....BE PREPARED!!!!
When the snow came it was a beautiful sight. As told in the picture above, looking outside Abbie's house. I kept wishing it had come at Christmas time so that my grand kids and my children and friends might have a White Christmas. Be careful what you wish for.
When the snow kept falling and it seemed like an endless stream of cotton falling from the sky, I thought to myself, 'This is beautiful, but how am I going to get out of all this snow'. I consoled myself by believing it would not continue to fall and as long as it was just this gorgeous white powder, driving was still an option. After all, I have All-Wheel and Overdrive. On the third or fourth morning, I woke to an ICE STORM. What the heck is an Ice Storm? I'm from California....I am lucky to have seen snow! I was soon forced to find out what an Ice Storm was and it wasn't pretty! Now the entire state looked like a giant Ice Arena! The news showed clips of people sliding down the middle of their streets on sleds and clips of dogs attempting to maneuver on the ice; making it seem like a Winter Wonderland. Unfortunately, these clips only lasted two minutes and then the REAL news went on for 24 hours. Downed power lines, roofs caved in, deaths, buildings collapsing due to the weight of the ice, people attempting to drive; who can only be described as CRAZY. It was incredible. And the forecast was not good either. By this time they were forecasting rain and high winds. OMG!
During this time, my business has to go on as usual. My clients are sunning in beautiful Cabo or Palm Dessert or Las Vegas, but this is home and my clients are depending on me. There are animals I would never leave in harm's way. And I had to go out, no matter the weather as it is my busiest weekend of the year. And it was only January. Taking my life in my hands, somehow, I managed to get everyone moved into their perspective places and get all clients covered in the time allotted. What might have taken one hour to accomplish, now took half a day. My car was stranded at one client's home; another friend's car was stranded at a second client's home; and a third car was stranded at my home. But everyone was where they needed to be.
Taking a sigh of relief, I settled in and assumed the worst was over.
Second lesson......NEVER ASSUME.
Here comes another round of snow. Jeeeeezzzzzz
When Abbie's parents arrived home, they were kind enough to hire their driver to get me out of the snow and ice and back to my home. Thankful, Thankful, Thankful. I love Abbie. I love spending time at their house. I love her parents. But, I needed to see, feel and touch my own fur children. Unfortunately, Kathy was stranded in Renton. No way to get her out as her car was stranded and the ice and show and wind was so bad, I couldn't get in or out if I tried. Then the really bad news for her.......she lost power. There she sat for four days as she was just covering until I could get there. I was fortunate to have power the entire time. And though I felt bad for her, inside I was so grateful to be home, WITH power! (Sorry, Kathy)
Well, I have just finished one chapter of my book. Closing out this chapter, I can say it seems like it was all a terrible dream. How fast life goes on. But I definitely have a clearer understanding of
"Don't MESS with Mother Nature"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Abbie is Wonderful, the Farm is Too!

Abbie is great and content as can be. She is sleeping, eating and walking everyday! She likes watching them work on the remodel. Its coming along. Nothing much more to report which is a good thing because I am having a problem with Blogger. I thought it was my computer, but it appears to be the Blogger website. It won't allow me to upload photos. I have an email into their IT department. Therefore, I will combine the Farm update with Abbie's. Kathy is neatly tucked away at the farm. I went over there at Four o'clock to feed the horses and check on everything. All was quiet just like at Abbie's. Tomorrow The Bobs are leaving for Vegas. I will go take them to the airport in the morning. I have extra help to cover everyone that is gone this next three days. But, I will apologize ahead of time in the event I cannot blog over the weekend. Email always works, so please email if you need to get ahold of me. I hope everyone is having a great time.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I would have blogged before now but have been having electronic difficulties. Hope the bugs are worked out.
Abbie is doing great. She visits with the construction guys when she isn't napping. It has been very cold inthe morning so she is content to be inside. We are suppose to get snow at 500ft on Sunday.
All is well here at Abbie's.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Abbie Walk

This isn't a new picture of Abbie.....this was taken in the Spring of last year. But it has been so dark and gloomy, we thought we would post this pic and see if we can't 'will' the sun out!
Abbie and I went for a walk this morning after visiting with the neighbors. It was cold and rainy as usual but Abbie doesn't care and she loves her walks. I spent the day in the doctor's office so Kathy came and gave her a potty break for me around 2pm. When I returned at 4:30, she was so happy to see me and we went for another little walk. She has been snoozing all day today and tomorrow we are going to work on a few projects. I am going to clean mommy's pantry and make peanut butter cookies. I need to do something to earn my keep around here. I will probably clean the bar too as I enjoyh doing that. Its all that wishful thinking .... wishing I could have a little cocktail! Haven't had a glass of wine since I shared one with Abbie's mommy and daddy. I also noticed some cob webs over the bed that I will get as well. As you can see, I am not the 'average' pet sitter....I do a little bit of everything! Especially for my clients because they are so good to me it is easy for me to do kind things for them. Nothing else to report. Abbie is doing well. We missed our McDonald's run yesterday so maybe this Sunday we will do her French Fry run as she LOVES her French Fries. Hope Mommy and Daddy are having a fantastic cruise for their 35th wedding anniversary!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Abbie and Me.....

That sounds like a wonderful book title.....kind of like 'Marley and Me'. Just a thought. And with all the antics I have had with Abbie, I might just write a book about her afterall.
We have been together since Friday night. She is doing well and was glad to see me. That always feels so good when she greets me, tail waggin and head shaking! We plan to spend the first part of our visit low key. I have three days when things are a little hectic and I will have to leave her during the day but only for a few hours now and then and then we are back to the low key routine until her mom and dad get home. Everything is fine, quiet and full of cookies!!!!!