Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Kitty

I have been visiting Joe Kitty for the last few days. He is so friendly and knows how to get a treat out of you no matter what. He loves to play with his green string, his feather toy and ESPECIALLY the laser light. Although, he was being pretty finicky the other day and didn't want anything to do with it. I think it was because I hadn't given him a treat yet. But he is sweet and loveable and he told me he misses his Canine friend, Kira. Well, who WOULDN'T miss Kira.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peaches and Punkin

Peaches is HUGE. She weighs about 50 pounds and just turned 5 months old. She makes me laugh. She makes me frustrated. But mostly she just loves me and that melts my heart. Punkin and her get along so well. Although, go figure, Punkin is the Alpha. She will put Peaches in her place when needed. Its funny to see an 11 pound dog dominate a 50 pound puppy.
I visited a new client today who has a Golden/Lab mix puppy just three months old. She is tiny compared to Peaches. I really think I should have named her Marmaduke! For those of you who are over forty, you will remember who Marmaduke was. She is just as goofy and stubborn.
Peaches is in perfect health. She refuses to walk with her harness or lead. I am frustrated trying to figure it out. I have tried everything except a pet therapist and that will be my next call.
Peaches still believes she is a lap dog. She also believes that the furniture and walls are her chew toys. This is a Retriever trait, so I was prepared. I bought her at least 50 toys, chewies, Kong balls, etc. so that she would not get bored. She just prefers the furniture. She chewed the middle cushion of my sofa and that is why you see the hole in the sofa. Now she thinks thats her little space. I just have to laugh at her after scolding her because she is so dang cute.

The New Clan

Meet Genny and her three Feline siblings. Genny is a senior girl and she is very loving. She loves to walk in her back yard which is full of trees, flowers and paths that lead everywhere. She jumped like a puppy when I would pick up her lead. The only thing she loved better was to eat her cookies. I am slow in getting her and her Feline siblings posted as there were some technical difficulties with my wireless. But, we are back up and running and I couldn't let the opportunity pass to post these four new fur children I had the pleasure of taking care of. I cared for them for 13 days and they were a joy to greet me every morning.