Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Saddest Goodbye EVER!!!!!

It is difficult to compose myself long enough to write this tribute to Abbie Girl. If anyone ever needed a tribute, she would be the one! Abbie passed away on Monday around 5pm. She had just turned 15 years old which is so fortunate for a Retriever. However, if you knew Abbie...that was nothing for her. I thought, and hoped, she would live forever. I spent so much time with her she was a part of me. She had personality. She was smart as a whip! She could carry a cookie on her nose and not even flinch. She would carry a piece of mail in her mouth from the mailbox like it was her job and she worked for the postal service. We became connected. All of the stories about Abbie tell you how smart she was. She would lay on the bed before her back legs got bad. If I heard a noise, she heard the noise at exactly the same time. We would both lift our heads at the same time and look at each other as if to say 'Did you hear that?'. She loved her beautiful home and grounds. She loved to just take leisurely walks outside and see if she could identify what had just run through the bushes. She loved it when I took her for walks and she never pulled on her lead. She walked with authority but not with urgency. There is so much I could say about her because I feel I really understood her. I knew what she was thinking and she knew what I was thinking. She even knew what I was about to do. If she knew I was going to the kitchen, she followed. If I moved in the same direction but just slipped into the bathroom, somehow she knew.
There is one word for Abbie.......and that word is 'Regal'. She was just Regal.
I have lost my two best friends in seven weeks. Though I loved my human best friend, I think Abbie's loss is harder. I don't understand that......but I know it.

Good bye our Abbie Girl. I hope you are smelling the flowers and chasing rabbits on Rainbow Bridge.

Good Bye for today........

Ellie and Abby are doing great. They were up bright and early this morning and we went for our morning potty. After eating breakfast, we had some play time, went for a walk and then back outside to finish their business. They are resting now and waiting for me to get the computer off my lap so that I can pay them some attention instead!
Their daddy comes home tonight so I will be here until dinner time. Then I will tuck them away, snug as a bug and say goodbye until next time. They have really grown on me as they are as sweet as Katie and Katja. They sure do grow in my heart quickly. Guess that is why this is a good business for me. So, until next time.....I will kiss them goodbye and tell them I will see them soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ellie and Abbyville.......

I woke up this morning with Ellie on my chest and Abby on my legs. They aren't TOO comfortable with me or anything. They are doing fine. We just found the pooper scooper last night so we have poop patrol this afternoon. I hadn't seen it before now. The house cleaner is there today so I am out running errands trying to get my phone fixed. All is well on the home front and I apologize for the lack of words this morning but I received some news yesterday that I am still having a hard time with. I will update the blog later which will explain. As far as Ellie and Abby....we are three peas in a pod.....doing well and watching the big screen!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ellie and Abby

It has been a while since my last blog. I apologize. I have been watching Ellie and Abby for some time off and on. The last visit was without computer so there was a lag in blogging but we are back in business and here are Ellie and Abby!
They are such sweet pups and have really warmed up to me. In fact, little Ellie wasn't sure about me at all when I first came but she is my new best friend. When I arrived this morning she was the first to greet me, lick me and come close so I could stroke her and hug her. She is so cute. Surprisingly, this has made Abby a little stand-offish! But she eventually comes around too as she has already come to sit by me while I blog and has given me kisses.
We went for a walk as soon as I got here and had a visit with our walking human, Bonnie. We were hoping to run into the other girls, Katja and Katie, but they were not out this morning. We played with their toys some and I tried to snap some good shots but action shots are not my forte! My friend Kathy will be coming by for a moment so she will help me get some better shots of them this afternoon.
I have to run out for about 30 minutes to see Abbie around the corner. Hopefully, I will see her well and not ailing too bad so that I don't upset her as I am sure I will cry when I see her. She is hanging in there but her days are limited. I am scheduld to watch her on Monday and hope that I am able to do that as it my be my last visit with her.
But, back to Ellie and Abby who this is all about. They are doing fine. Already settled in watching the tube on their blankets. We are planted in the Movie room but planning to spend the day outside a bit today as it is suppose to be pretty. So, several walks for them today. No worries here!!