Sunday, October 31, 2010

Petunia and Punkin

Of course, my dogs have to get in on the action. Mommy dresses them up every year and they are ever so happy (yeah, right). Today they were all wound up as they haven't seen me in a few days so it was hard to keep them busy while I snapped their photos. But, just as I spoil ALL my pooches, they got treats when they were done. Oh....and my cat....well, she is going as a cat this year as she does every year. If I came at her with a hat she would haul upstairs as she is a NOT a willing participant in the festivities. Punkin is the Witch as she outgrew her Pumpkin costume and the baby, Putunia barely fit in the Pumpkin costume. down further for All of the Halloween Pets!

Sparky Witch and Jenna Old Lady.......

Sparky and Jenna were not as willing participants in this year's Halloween Get Up, but they succumbed to my persistence. Of course, treats always help. Sparky could care less and Jenna knew there was a treat at the end so she settled down long enough to snap the photo. They are so cute.....I'm already working on their next year's costume!!!! I think Batman and Robin would be Anyway, they are great and having a good time with me and Kathy!!!!

Abbie Waiting patiently

As you can see, Abbie is patiently waiting the Trick or Treaters tonight. She has her bag ready in case anyone brings some bones!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Abbie ready for Halloween

Abbie is ready for Halloween. Okay, so she might be wearing her collar as a hat, but doesn't she look MAHVELOUS!!! She is always ready for the Trick or Treaters. We have spent many Halloweens together and she is just as happy to dress up this year as she has been in the previous years I have tortured her. She also got some treats for Halloween so that makes her happy as well. She is doing great as usual and is anxious to see all the little ones in their costumes. HAPPY HOWL-A-WEEN!

Sparky and Jenna

Sparky and Jenna are having fun in the little bit of sunshine we have had over the past week. Nothing really gets them down and they are just as happy running through the rain as they are in the sun. Jenna spotted the biggest brown rabbit I have ever seen and she hasn't forgotten about it since. That was a week ago! Everytime she goes out, she goes right back to the place she last saw that rabbit and looks to see if it is still there. The funny thing USUALLY IS! I can't scare that rabbit off no matter what. Its HUGE!
They are both having fun with me and Kathy and everything is calm on the homefront. Tomorrow is Halloween so watch for their dress up pictures!!!!