Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ben, Ursa, Mia, Stanley and Ricky

Well, this day began interesting, to say the least. Six A.M., I'm in my socks and I take Ben out to the garage to feed him. The door closes and it is locked. No key to my truck, no key to the house, no cell phone...just me and Ben in the garage and the rest of the animals waiting to eat. I won't lie....I freaked in the beginning. Then I began ravaging the garage because I remember my client telling me the door does this and he would hide a key. Of course, WHERE was another question. It was pitch black outside and the nearest neighbor is not that 'near'...this house sits on a lot of land. Besides, they would have thought I was a lunatic in my socks, my hair desheveled and banging on their door to let me in a house in which I don't live. I almost gave up and thought..I'll just sit here and crack open all this wine. Perhaps I was a burglar in a past life because I remembered that this type of door lock can be opened with a credit card. No credit card. But there was this long, flat knife in the garage. After banging on the door trying to break in (sorry about the dents)...I thought I had nothing to lose and tried the knife and a hammer. Can you believe popped right open. YEAHHHHHH. I was never so glad to see the inside of somebody else's house in all my life. You can bet your ass I will NEVER leave this house again without my keys.
The pups and cats are all well. They don't seem to be bothered that a crazy lady is sitting, I guess I have done my job. This is our last night together. But, I will be back in April.

Idgie, Sutton, Mocha and Latte

Day two with the four-legged children in Maple Valley. I freed Idgie as she was being crated up to five hours a day. Not believing in crates (although I know they are necessary at times), I rigged up a gate on the stairs so she could not ransack her mother's Italian shoes! Sutton is 10 yrs old and way over the chewing stage, but Idgie is still young and she gets bored. Mocha and Latte did not want to make an appearance today, however, I managed to get them out with bribery! Treats always do the trick! These fur children are pretty spoiled as they have their mommy home all day (work from home) so I just couldn't see keeping her crated all day! I visit them twice a day and to tell you the truth...I would visit more if I weren't sick with Strep Throat! Yeah...well, animals can't catch it, and they need me! Good Night Idgie, Sutton, Mocha and Latte. See you in the morning!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The North Bend Crew!!!

My job is the best!!! I stay in beautiful homes and take care of loving animals! Meet Ursa the black Lab, Ben the Golden Retriever and the three cats - Mia, Spencer and Ricky!!! (two cats are camera shy). They live on a lot of property, in a beautiful house that is meant to have all these loving animals in it! While most animals are apprehensive at first.....these animals welcomed me into their home the first time they saw me. I always say that animals are only as good as their owner. And though I've only met their human 'daddy', I can tell that their parents are just as loving as they are!
As you can see, we are just kicking back and enjoying each other. Of course, this isn't the picture of them when I let them out in the yard and they play...they can be pretty rambunctious! Yeah...I know....Its a tough job....but, somebody has got to do it!!!

After Thanksgiving and Back to the PAWS!

For those of you who don't know me, I am a full-time Animal Companion Service. What better job than to spend it with our Four-legged Fur Children. That's what they are! At least for those that hire me and.....myself, of course.
Meet Sutton and Idgie! They are adorable and live in Maple Valley, Washington. Their Two-legged mama is away on business, so I get to visit them twice a day! They get lots of treats and attention as well as some outside time! They are very well-behaved and love the attention I give them. Of course, they miss their mama....but, I am a good substitute! They have two adopted feline sisters, Mocha and Latte! They stay out of the way as they are very aloof as cats tend to be.