Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ben, Ursa, Mia, Stanley and Ricky

Well, this day began interesting, to say the least. Six A.M., I'm in my socks and I take Ben out to the garage to feed him. The door closes and it is locked. No key to my truck, no key to the house, no cell phone...just me and Ben in the garage and the rest of the animals waiting to eat. I won't lie....I freaked in the beginning. Then I began ravaging the garage because I remember my client telling me the door does this and he would hide a key. Of course, WHERE was another question. It was pitch black outside and the nearest neighbor is not that 'near'...this house sits on a lot of land. Besides, they would have thought I was a lunatic in my socks, my hair desheveled and banging on their door to let me in a house in which I don't live. I almost gave up and thought..I'll just sit here and crack open all this wine. Perhaps I was a burglar in a past life because I remembered that this type of door lock can be opened with a credit card. No credit card. But there was this long, flat knife in the garage. After banging on the door trying to break in (sorry about the dents)...I thought I had nothing to lose and tried the knife and a hammer. Can you believe popped right open. YEAHHHHHH. I was never so glad to see the inside of somebody else's house in all my life. You can bet your ass I will NEVER leave this house again without my keys.
The pups and cats are all well. They don't seem to be bothered that a crazy lady is sitting, I guess I have done my job. This is our last night together. But, I will be back in April.


XYZinn said...

I'm so glad you didn't get locked out. That would've been a nightmare!

fishin' fool said...

hi dee-greetings from napa valley! so sorry to hear u were locked out. glad it worked out in the end. guess i should install a lock that is harder to break in on! :-)