Friday, November 16, 2012

Sleeping away the rain......

Cassie and Sunny are relaxing under the TV waiting for the rain to stop. Cassie is more than happy to go out in the rain, but Sunny is more hesitant. They are enjoying their time with Kathy this second half of their stay. They are doing exactly what they are suppose to do and no problems to report. Its funny how I miss them when I am not there with them. I spent the first half and Kathy the second, but I still go over and visit from time to time. I went over yesteday and one would think that I hadn't seen them in years! They were all over me. Of course, truth be known, they were just glad to have some company! I told Kathy not to take it personally but they were tired of looking at her face! She knows my sense of humor so we got a giggle out of it.
They got to run off some steam yesterday as their cousin came over and they played all day! Kathy and I had a chance to go do some shopping and she brought the a treat we bought them.
They are looking forward to their mom and dad coming home on Sunday. And, actually, there will be a treat waiting for their mom and dad courtesy of their pet sitter!!!!! Hope they enjoy it! This will probably be the last blog before they come home unless there is something I need to report.
All is well on the farm!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Chloe Abigail..........

This is little Chloe Abigail (Abbie's namesake).
She is the most adorable Cavalier King Charles.
She is the newest addition to the family of Abbie. I can already see shades of Abbie in her little face. I am so fortunate to be her caretaker when her mommy and daddy are away and what better way to keep me connected to our dear Abbie. Abbie's spirit will watch over her and I wouldn't be surprised if her mommy and daddy haven't already seen similarites in her personality.
Chloe is 5 months old. She came to Abbie's family by way of a very reputable breeder in Washington State. I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet, but will very soon. Her mommy says she is a little needy which isn't a bad thing. That just means she will be a loving girl. She is potty trained and I am sure they are all going through their adjustment period. She is a very lucky little Cavalier as she couldn't have found a more loving home and she will be taken care of in only the best possible way. Look out haven't met your crazy pet-sitter yet!

Back at the Farm......

The weather is starting to turn chilly. The horses have their blankets on and are staring at me as they know they are about to be fed. I made them pose for me first! Laramie is still a bully to the other horses when it is time to eat but very friendly to me when they know mine or Kathy's is the hand that feeds him. We have worked out a routine that keeps the bullying down and all of them are able to eat their dinner without a fight. They are great horses and easy to handle if you take the food out of the equation. We give them apples about every three to four days. They get a couple of carrots each every night along with their kibble treats. They sure do look forward to their nightly treats. They are trying to graze but still getting hay in the morning and evening.
Cassie and Sunny seem different without Ruggles. I guess we all just miss her. Kathy has been there with them and we have discussed a routine with them as well. We are hesitant to let them out after dark so each of us make sure we go out with them at all times. We never want to experience that feeling of helplessness with the coyotes that we experienced when Cassie was a pup. The coyotes have been out in the evenings and mornings, but we haven't noticed a lot of them. No other critters have shown themselves since we have been there this time. Everything on the farm is quiet. We are envious of that sunshine their Mommy and Daddy are enjoying!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weather unpredictable......

Those of you who keep an eye on my blog may know that the farm is always unpredictable.  Its usually one situation after another. Staying true to form, this visit is no exception. We have a big storm moving in and it is suppose to hit here tomorrow. The skies have been unpredictable as well. Monday was sunny and bright, Yesterday was dark and gloomy. By sunset, I could not see as far as the horses as the rain and fog set in very low. It rained all night only to wake up to sunny skies again this morning. Of course, I am happy to deal with the unpredictablity at most pet sits, it is always a little unnerving at the farm as the weather can turn at any moment. A simple downpour can turn into a flood in a matter of moments here at the farm. But, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be 'that bad'.
Actually, I got a call from another client yesterday and I will have a daytime walk and feed for the next week which is located near the pet sit Kathy was going to cover. So, I am doing a little 'changing of the guards'. Kathy will be here at the farm for the remainder of this sit. I will be in Renton, Wa. for the other sit as it makes it more convenient and economical to do the daytime walk from the other location. I am sure this is more information than you need, but want everyone to know who is where!
The pups and horses are doing great. Nothing to report, I am glad to say.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy days at the farm.....

Well, as you can see, Cassie and Sunny are relaxing. They were out most of the day as it was a bright beautiful day today. A much different day than yesterday when it was dark, gloomy and raining. The horses were also glad today was dry. Although they have their blankets on, they spent most of yesterday soaking wet.
I wish I had more to report, but quiet is a good thing when I am at the farm. Each day is a new experience here sometimes, so I welcome the quiet. Shhhhhh..........don't jinx me!