Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gloomy Day

Well, we are down to the wire here. Only two more days until their mommy and daddy come home. Nothing new to report as we have just been following their routine and they seem pretty darn happy to have me sit with them round the clock. Cassie is chewing on a rock right now. I recognize this because my Retriever loves to chew rocks too. So, if it makes her happy, whatever! I also remembered my dog loves ice cubes. I use them as no fat treats. She accepts them as if they are a cookie. So, I gave Cassie one and of course, the whole gang had to get in on the action! So, they get ice cubes once a day for treats (or several times a day).
Ruggles isn't as low key as she was the first few days. She is actually going outside much more. Yesterday they were shut in as it was POURING rain all day.
As soon as it cleared I let them out to play for an hour or two.
You will see by the picture above how gloomy it is, but at least it isn't raining and that means playtime outside for the pups. We did, however, have heavy snow over the
Snoqualmie Pass and lots of Thunder and lightening.
Thats all for now. The pups send their love to their mommy and daddy
living it up on those Margueritas!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Hanging Out

We have been waiting for sunshine around here. It has rained off and on (mostly 0n) the last week, but whenever we get a break of sunshine, its play time. Ruggles of course, would rather lay in the house and doesn't go out much unless there is a need. He will surely be spoiled when his mom and dad come home.
Sunny and Cassie play like Mutt and Jeff. They are inseperable. Even when they are resting in the house, they are laying in close proximity, if not on top of each other.
We have had no problems to speak of. I had to leave for a couple of hours yesterday and they were perfect! I have to leave for 4 hours on Monday, and that is the longest I will be away from them this whole stay. They are very lucky critters that I have not had other clients to visit while I have been here. December will be another story.
The horses and I are bonding well. They know that I am there to feed and that is all that is important to them. But, I get to pet them and pat them while they are eating and then they get one extra carrot half when I leave that I feed to them to say good bye!
But all is well on the homefront! Very smooth living!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another day in the life......

Well, as you can see, these animals are NOT well-adjusted. See how agitated they are! Right! I'm just the body that feeds and pets and that is all I need to know. This is their afternoon nap time. Except for the horses. They come running when they hear me in the Tack Room. Well, at least ATTEMPTING to go in the Tack Room. Had a little problem with the code on the door, but I think we have it licked now.
Today was sunny all day. High about 62 and a very nice day. The dogs stayed out and played a lot today and we spent time throwing the bone and playing fetch for hours. Everyone except Ruggles. She just wants to sleep and eat and once in a while she will go out and do her business. She's old. She can do anything she wants!
Stay tuned for more adventures from the farm.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet The REAL McCoys!

Here is the newest addition to the Playful Paw Family. Sunny is the Yellow Lab, Ruggles is the Red Retriever, Cassie is the Retriever Pup and no house is a home without the house cat too! And all live in a harmonious home. These pampered pooches live on 10 acres of land. A beautiful view out the living room window will give you the perfect view of the two horses which graze all day long. I will feature them tomorrow to give you an outside view of where we are. This is our first day and all is running smoothly. Ruggles is being a little stubborn about going outside, but we are managing.

As you can see they have been spoiled by the treats that I brought them. Instant babysitter.....the biggest bones I could find. They are all happy and so far Sunny is ahead of the group as her bone is almost gone. I'm waiting to see who finishes first as I am sure they will move on to someone else's bone!
Its time to throw a flake and give some goodies to the horses soon. Stay tuned for updates on these fur children as I am here for 12 days!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abbie is singing a song at the sunshine, treats and company of her 'Auntie Dee'. She is loving playing outside (as long as I accompany her) and the weather has been gorgeous. Its chilly here today and suppose to drop into the 30's tonight, but she has 6 hours of sunshine and warmth as the day moves on. I brought her some BIG bones to knaw on and she loves that. As usual, she is extremely joyful and spoiled. My Golden could take some lessons from her for sure! Other than that, everything is running smoothly and I am sure she will be very happy to see her mom and dad again. We will be cleaning house today and just hanging out. I will be back with Abbie on November 17th and I always look forward to her company.