Friday, May 27, 2011

Schnauzer Wowzer!

I just want the Schnauzers daddys to know that they have been the best little Schnauzers that ever could be. They are behaving, doing their business like they should and we have bonded. I don't know if I can give them back as we have really fallen in love with each other. But, I know the routine....they love me as long as it is ME who is taking care of them. As soon as their parents come home...I am just pushed aside and they are in love all over again. But they are doing great. Can't ask for much better. However, I have spent the entire time here and haven't really gone anywhere. I am getting a little cabin fever but that is what I am hired for, right? Don't worry about these little guys, they are happy as can be.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

K and J

Kira and Joe are enjoying the company of Kathy. Kathy is so low key that it makes the animals low key. She's got the perfect temperment for caring for animals. You get what you give kind of thing! Kira enjoys going outside and playing ball with Kathy as well. I think she likes playing with the laser light the best. I went over there the other day and we played laser light. I am going over again this weekend and I want to make a video of Kira playing with the light and then I am going to put it on YouTube. Its hilarious.
No problems at all....they are both doing very well and waiting for their mama and daddy to get home on Saturday.

Izzy, Frannie and Molly

The Schnauzer household is doing great. They keep me warm as it has been very cold. I don't remember them being so affectionate but they are extremely affectionate with me this time. How could you NOT love these little gray pups. They sleep on top of me and Izzy and especially Molly are quick to give me a kiss and curl up close to me. Frannie is still a little aloof but even she has come around and given me nose kisses. They are great dogs and they are enjoying the company. Since I have been here they have not needed to be crated once. So, when their daddys come home they may not want to go into their crate. I just don't leave and if I do it is for such a short time (less than 45 minutes), I leave them out and they greet me right where I left the top of the stairs. They are so cute!!!!! Nothing bad to report...all is well on the homefront!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kira and Joe

We arrived at Kira and Joe's yesterday morning at 10:00 am. They both came to the door to greet Kathy and I. They were happy to see us and Kira could not stop wagging her tail. They are so cute and such good pets. Kira got to spend some time outside today but was in the house by late afternoon. We are expecting rain in the next couple of days so we will be playing Laser light a lot. I want to make a video of her chasing that light as it makes me crack up everytime I watch her do it. She must think I am crazy. Well, most people think I am crazy so nothing new. Both Kira and Joe are doing great and having fun getting all the attention they are getting.

Mini Schnauzer Kingdom

All is well on the Schnauzer front. Everyone is healthy and happy and spoiled rotten.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schnauzer City.....

Dizzy Izzy, Funny Frannie and Jolly Molly are all doing well. The names I have tagged them with are examples of their personality with me. I am sure they are different with their papas, but just like children, animals are one way with their owners and another with their sitters. But, they are behaving excellently and we have had a good time. I thought my pugs were the only ones to make me laugh...these three are like a comedy team. Molly is the A Student. She does everything exactly as she should. Frannie is hysterical when you take her outside....she spring jumps up to the lock on the door. I can't believe how high she can bounce up. And she does it repeatedly like a Jack-in-the-Box. Izzy is the tiny one and he kind of follows their lead except he does NOT like to get his paws wet. So, if it is raining, he is not having any part of it. He won't leave the comfort of the covered part of the patio. But, he is loving and sweet and loves to play the mouth game. I grab his snout and he tries to bite (playfully) my hand. This is an ongoing game with us. All in all, they are great!


Scout happily greeted me early this morning. I was up and awake at 5am so I paid a visit a little earlier this morning so I could spend a little time playing. He came at me purring like crazy. I can tell he is missing his mama and daddy as he is craving attention. He is doing great though. He gets a brushing, eats a few treats, gets his bowl and his cat box cleaned and plays with the feather toy. He really is a good kitty and he is fine and well.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Scout the Hunter.......

Scout is doing well. I let him out for a while (between visits) yesterday and he took off on a hunt. He is quite the hunter. His mama told me he brought her a rabbit. I shiver at the thought but its all in the food chain and that is what animals are all about, even if they are domesticated. Scout is doing well. He got a good brushing just about every day so far and when I brushed him last night his little motor came on and he was a happy camper. He is eating like he should and used to my somewhat erratic schedule. Well, maybe erratic to him, I have tried to stay within an hour of the times we spoke about for feeding. Busy time in May for me.....but always willing to do the Scout visits. All is well on the homefront....we signed for a package delivered by UPS and the house is still standing. No worries.

The Schnauzer kids.....

I have been with Izzy (smallest Schnauz I have ever seen), Molly (all silver with a little black), and Frannie (more black on her face in picture above) since Wednesday. They have been perfect little angels, but then, they always are for the pet sitter. I visit Scout the cat twice a day but aside from that time, they have not been alone. They are loving all the attention. Frannie is funny. She knows how to moon walk, talk to you, and crack you up all at the same time. She is a little more distant than the others. She stays to herself but she still wants the attention, which she gets. All is well on the Schnauzer front.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scout Kitty

Well, its been a few days since I blogged about Scout...sorry about that. My computer was down yesterday. But Scout is doing great. Its been cold and rainy so he has been either in the house or in the garage the last few days. But, yesterday and today it is gorgeous so he is getting his sunshine in and he just wants to be brushed and loved when I arrive. Of course, he is on the couch he is not suppose to be on when he is inside....he really has a mind of his own. But I stacket the pillows to keep him off the back and that has worked. He is just laying on the sofa part on the blanket. He jumps down as soon as I open the door so he knows he isn't suppose to be there. He is a very nice kitty though and very friendly. All is well on the Scout trail!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abbie's Nose........

Abbie has developed a spot on her nose. It has grown each day so I think it is something her momma and daddy should know about when they get home. I have been putting Neosporin on it, but should keep an eye on it for the next few days. Doesn't seem to bother her though. She's been in all day today as it has been raining all day. Yesterday was pretty so she got out yesterday. Her parents come home tomorrow and she is anxiously awaiting. But she is fine in the meantime and sends her nose kisses to everyone.

Scout Master

Scout kitty is a little sad today because it has been raining buckets all day. He has been in the house. But he loves it when I come and give him treats, so it makes up for being in the house. We played the feather game today but he tired easily and crawled back up on his post and went to sleep. He is doing just fine. I piled all the pillows on the sofa he is not allowed on to keep him off and it has worked so far!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Abbie Girl......

Abbie enjoyed a beautiful day again until the rains came at around 7pm tonight. So, we played with her toys. As you can see I buried her in them. She will just let me do anything and just be happy as a clam that she is getting all the attention she gets. Can't ask for a better companion, friend, and fur child. She's doing wonderful.

Scout Kitty again!!!!

Scout was waiting for me just like his mama said. He was at the back door at 6pm tonight waiting to be let in and fed. He is tucked away in his bed with a full belly and content for the evening. I will go back tomorrow morning (and every morning) at 7:30 and feed him his breakfast and let him out IF it isn't raining. It is raining hard right now. We had sunshine all day until about 7pm and then the rains came. We will see what his fate will be tomorrow, but for tonight....he is safe and sound. Meow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Waiting for our Mama

The zoo is running smoothly. Everyone has calmed down and they are enjoying the company of Kathy and especially the extra cookies 'Auntie Dee' took them. They are doing their daily runs outside and trying to behave inside even though its hard sometimes. LOL.......Kathy says all is great!!!!!

No posting on Thursday........

This blogger website was down all day yesterday for posting so I apologize for the delay in posting.
This picture was taken yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Abbie was loving the sunshine and so was I. We sat outside for a long time. Didn't come in until about 6pm and had dinner. She is feeling her Cheerios these last few days. Of course, the treats I brought her might have helped. I am leaving the package....she LOVES them. She is as good as she always is. She looks healthy, clean and happy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Zoo

Abbie, Archie, Mose and Roxy are all doing very well. Kathy has them on a routine so we never take all four dogs out at once. Their mama has them trained well for her, but they don't act the same with their pet sitters. Kathy takes one on lead and one off lead at a time everytime she goes out. She is there 90 percent of the time and I am their daily to visit as I am at another dogsit. Well, Mr. Archie decided he was going to rush the door this morning at 6am this morning and took off after a cat. He got through the gate somehow and I drove like a mad woman to the house to help Kathy round him up. Didn't take long...we had him home by 6:30. He was gingerly walking at the end of the street looking for that cat. We held out a cookie and he came right to us. We were both frantic and very relieved he was so easy to find. However, we DID change the game plan. Now Archie goes in his cage before she takes Mose and one of the girls out. They are an active crew..that's for sure!!!! Everything is smooth as silk now and I intend to keep it that way!!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


All the four legged fur children are doing great. If the damn rain would stop they would be doing better. But, it is what it is and we are dealing with it. It has been raining very hard since I got here except for a small ray of sunshine last night which was the perfect time for Laramie to get his grooming. (look further down for Laramie). Other than that, everyone wanted to say Happy Mother's Day!!!!!


A very special Mother's Day for Laramie's New Mommy! She keeps him looking so good...he's a handsome boy!!!


Everything is fine now that everyone is settled in. Where would we be if it weren't a circus when we arrived? LOL. The zoo is running fine and only the ringleader is exhausted! All wish their mommy a 'HAPPY PAW MOTHER'S DAY'!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soggy and Soggier.....

Sorry for blogging so late today. It has been a miserable day today. My only salvation is that TOOTSIE is on right now and I haven't seen that movie in ages. Pretty sad life...except I have these wonderful animals around me.
Laramie was pretty animated tonight when I went to feed. He wanted to fight with Nash. But, Nash can hold his own. I love going in their pasture and spending time with them. I love to spend time with Chip and Major (these are all the horses) too but Major is somewhat of a butthead and doesn't enjoy company. The dogs have been great. I went to take pictures today and my camera battery is dead. Its always something. Tomorrow I will post Mother's Day photos for their mom's....Laramie has a new one!!!! Hope it isn't soggy where you are!!!! I still haven't dried out since this morning!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Farm

Arrived at the farm early this morning around 8:30. Everyone was fine and the horses were glad to get their hay. Its dark and dreary and even the dogs don't want to go outside so I can tell this is going to be a lazy day. Hoping some sun comes out this afternoon so we can go work outside. But for right now.....everyone is sitting tight!