Thursday, May 26, 2011

Izzy, Frannie and Molly

The Schnauzer household is doing great. They keep me warm as it has been very cold. I don't remember them being so affectionate but they are extremely affectionate with me this time. How could you NOT love these little gray pups. They sleep on top of me and Izzy and especially Molly are quick to give me a kiss and curl up close to me. Frannie is still a little aloof but even she has come around and given me nose kisses. They are great dogs and they are enjoying the company. Since I have been here they have not needed to be crated once. So, when their daddys come home they may not want to go into their crate. I just don't leave and if I do it is for such a short time (less than 45 minutes), I leave them out and they greet me right where I left the top of the stairs. They are so cute!!!!! Nothing bad to report...all is well on the homefront!