Friday, May 20, 2011

Scout the Hunter.......

Scout is doing well. I let him out for a while (between visits) yesterday and he took off on a hunt. He is quite the hunter. His mama told me he brought her a rabbit. I shiver at the thought but its all in the food chain and that is what animals are all about, even if they are domesticated. Scout is doing well. He got a good brushing just about every day so far and when I brushed him last night his little motor came on and he was a happy camper. He is eating like he should and used to my somewhat erratic schedule. Well, maybe erratic to him, I have tried to stay within an hour of the times we spoke about for feeding. Busy time in May for me.....but always willing to do the Scout visits. All is well on the homefront....we signed for a package delivered by UPS and the house is still standing. No worries.