Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday - Cool Day

Today is the first day we have spent together under normal weather. Although, we can't complain because the house is very cool in the 90+ degree weather.
Kira and Joe are doing awesome. We walk, water the yard, play fetch (when Kira will let go of the ball) and we have been playing with the laser light. I had no idea Kira liked the light better than Joe. The first time I saw big ole Kira go after the light I almost peed my pants laughing at her. I had her running up and down the hall. For as big as she is, she can turn on a dime....she's pretty agile. But, it is hilarious to watch her chase the light!
Joe chases it but remails COOL while doing it. He doesn't want anyone to see him get TOO excited. He will lay there and throw a paw out if you put the light close. But he does like to play with his feather toy and the little rope. I guess I should say they are keeping ME entertained rather than me keeping them entertained.
I will give another update on Friday before I leave. But, for now, everything is A-OK.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kira and Joe

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a month! I have been busy trying to raise my puppy and save my house from her jaws! She keeps me busy.

But, I have been with Kira and Joe, two of my favorite adopted fur children. They are doing well and love the company while I am there. They miss their real parents of course, but they seem to adapt well to my standing in! Joe kitty has gotten so friendly. And if ever a cat and dog were meant to be, these two are it. They sit side by side and wait for treats. They are both jet black and have like personalities in a way. I love them both.
We are watering the garden every day. Kira won't let me squirt her, but Nala has been visiting from next door and she loves the water. The garden is getting a daily dose as the heat has really been on the rise! Did I complain about the rain? I will have to remember this summer when I complain again! But, thanks to the air conditioner inside and the shade outside, we are keeping cool at homestead.