Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are still here.....

Its been five days since my first post and it shocked me as it has only seemed like a couple of days. But, Ms. Abigail and I are doing fine. She has hated that it is raining every single day and she can't go outside while Auntie Dee goes to work, but she loves it when I come home mid-day and play with her and let her run. I am usually only gone six to seven hours for work, so she is only alone about four at a time. She is getting used to the routine and loves to run and play and especially loves the extra treats.
She and I have been playing at night. She loves to run like crazy after her squeak toy. But, like myself, she is aging and chasing that thing on the tile flooring isn't a good thing as she almost ran into the wall a couple of times.
She and I go for the mail once a day and she has to carry a piece of mail with her. She's no dummy as she knows everytime she does this, she gets a cookie. I sometimes wonder who is taking care of who!

We are watching television tonight. She is snoring (she has a princess snore) right now.

There is a pet store next to my store and I would like to take her there as they have free bathing equipment and on certain days, you can wash your pets for free. I will check into this and see if it fits our schedule. She can always go to the store with me at work for the rest of the day! I think she might like this!

All is well on the Abbi household.