Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall with Abbi

Abbi and I are spending some time together again. I always miss her when I am away awhile, but now I get to see her about every two weeks and that keeps our bond strong.

She is trying to work me tonight though. She keeps going to her cookie jar and she has had WAY too many today, so I am not giving in. She is standing beside me now giving me her little growl as if to say 'But, I Want a Cookie'.

The weather is kind of sucky right now so she can't stay outside. She has been getting out of her electric fence and I think I know why. There is an area on the property that she goes to every time and walks the same route and comes out by her mail box. So, there may be something wrong with the flag at that point. I won't leave her outside but I will go in the back and close both gates and stay out there with her and she seems to be okay with that.

Other than that, she is the best. She is just as loving as ever and I will enjoy the next two weeks with her!