Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kira and Joe

Blogger is acting up today and doesn't want to let me change my page design, so we are still in Hawaii mode.
Been with Kira and Joe since yesterday around 2pm. I know their mommy and daddy are concerned about me as I came straight here from the hospital, so I wanted to post and let them know I am doing well. Kira is snuggling up next to me keeping me warm and she is a good 'nurse' so I am in good paws! I am feeling a little tired and tingly today but otherwise doing well, so no worries.
I left the Cat Man Do's on the sink last night and when I awoke this morning the bag was on the ground and chewed through and of course....EMPTY. So, they took a little advantage of my recouperation, but my fault for leaving them out. I think , it was a joint effort and they are both very lazy today. So they are not lacking the treats today. LOL.
Everything is fine on the homefront. It is raining and cold so its a good day to be lazy!  will post some pictures tomorrow.