Friday, March 9, 2012

All the Fur Children are doing well.....

I wish I had more interesting blogs to report, but its been rather quiet. The pups and the kittens are all doing well and they have settled down after long romps outside. (only the pups, of course). Mattie and Sophie are fascinated with the dog across the way and Mattie comes running in with her fur standing up on her back. While Sophie stands her ground and barks back at the other dog.
Still having to coax Sophie to eat, especially in the morning. Don't know if it is a phase or if it is just me. Kathy said she ate fine for her. I eventually feed her by hand or just spend as much time as it takes for her to eat.
It is suppose to rain all weekend, so they won't get a lot of outdoor time. But, they have plenty of bones and treats. Everything is well here.