Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautiful Morning

I arrived at the Farm about 3pm yesterday afternoon after dropping the group who live here at their ship. What a beautiful day it was to go on a cruise and today is even better. There was a power outage before I got here yesterday but by the time I returned it was restored. So, all is good on the home front. The dogs were glad to see me but of course I didn't come empty handed. I bought them knuckles from Safeway. They love those.
The horses are doing great, except they could use their mask on as the flies are really getting to the two horses. Laramie is still wearing his blanket and mask so he is okay. If Mom and Dad are reading this, please drop me an email and tell me where their mask is and I will put them on. I will take a look in the Tack Room.
The pups are already up and fed and ready for their day. Cassie has already chased the neighbor down the road. Ruggles seems to be in a little pain this morning. Not from her surgery seems she may have slept wrong on her back hips. She fell once trying to get up. I am going to look for some pain pills or give her some benedryl if it gets any worse.
I am going to meet Kathy at the Supermall today but will not be gone long. Lets keep our fingers crossed everything stays 'normal' while I am here.