Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, everything seems to be running smoothly at the farm. Now some of you might think that is just a passive line that I write to everyone.....but, oh no. You have no idea! When I say there are no problems at the farm......ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!
Ruggles got her stitches out yesterday. She initiated the vet by peeing on the floor (outside...but it sounded funny the other way).......she was very patient with the little Vet Tech and all her stitches are out and she was glad to get back in that little tiny car and get her a...... home!
Cassie decided to bring me a present today. Unfortunately, it was a dead bird which really isn't my idea of a good gift. But she was proud anyway. Can't blame her for that since she does have bird dog in her blood
Sunny.....she just goes with the flow. She sleeps when you want her to. Eats when you want her to. Goes outside when you want her to. Comes to you when you want her to.....well, you get the idea.
Me? Well, I have been making short runs to work on my new business and then back to sit with the animals which is my first priority. Two more days and everyone will be back in place! Hope everyone is having fun on that cruise! Lucky stiffs!