Friday, May 17, 2013

The Corgis.........

Gracie and Ollie are doing very well. They are so well adjusted, I would have thought this was routine with them. They have been comfortable since we arrived and this is always a good thing for a pet sitter. The adjustment period is never very long since we stay in their environment, but to be accepted right away is the perfect scenario. Gracie has gotten more affectionate. Ollie has always been affectionate and loves attention. Since they are both the same size, I have to remind myself that he is the puppy. They have been playing with Kathy and going through their daily routine. Kathy feels very welcomed and thanks Gracie and Ollie's mommy and daddy for the coffee. She said it was GREAT! Not much more to report but as I always say, that is a good thing. Everything is quiet and running smoothly and that is the way I like it!