Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from The Vet.....

Katie and Katja and I just returned from the Vet. They both got a clean bill of health and in fact, I was told that thier little Anal glands were not that full. So, maybe we might want to give them a couple more weeks in between. But, mommy and daddy know best and we will leave that up to them.
We went out and watered this morning and soaked the roses while we were gone (about 45 minutes) and we are now watering the other side. The weather is getting cooler so I suspect we won't be watering too much more before everyone returns home.
Its funny, sometimes when I have all this time to think while I am dogsitting, I think I should socialize more, get out and date, search for someone to share my life with.....and then it hits me.....I am just as content having all my little furchildren in my life and if I never share my life with anyone again, I always have their unconditional love. To some that might seem kind of sad....but, it really lifts my spirits! Jeeeezzzz....don't know how I got off on that. Anyway, the girls are being perfect little angels. They work me whenever they get a chance for that extra cookie or an extra trip outside, but I don't mind as I am here solely for them and that is the way it is. 
I am going to visit another one of my clients this week who lives next door but other than that, I am all theirs!!! Hope mommy and daddy are enjoying some good Italian Wine and feeling guilty because I don't have any!!!! :-)