Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 has arrived! Abbie and I enjoyed a quiet evening with Scrabble, Scatagories and Friends. Although Abbie didn't get anything stronger than water, I enjoyed a very nice Champagne Punch! I'm sure Abbie's Mommy and Daddy would enjoy this recipe, so it will be waiting for them.
I noticed Abbie was a little reserved last night. She still doesn't seem to be quite herself this morning. I am attributing this to the many fireworks at midnight! However, she is okay and just needs a little extra love and attention.
Our time together is coming to a close and I will be sad to leave her. She, however, is very ready for her Mommy and Daddy to come home.
This New Year's Day is very windy. We have lost power for a short time and Abbie isn't really willing to go out in it. I noticed some tree branches down and I will have to go out later and cover eveything that the wind blew around the back yard. I will not leave Abbie today so she has nothing to be worried about!


XYZinn said...

Your new blog background is so cute! It's a good thing Abbie only had water, although I'm sure she would have liked a little champagne. :)
Don't forget to check out our blog. I posted a picture of Ryley on her new tricycle.