Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Raisin In The Sun

Isn't she beautiful. Kira and I have been together for two days now. She has a playmate named Nala who lives next door. Our first morning, Nala came very early to visit. She stood outside the door and barked until I opened it to let Kira outside. They are very cute together and Kira and Nala played for a long time before laying down on the deck and resting.Much like children, when Kira wanted to come in, she came to the back door. Nala took her 'waiting' spot in front of the garage and Kira would come into the house for a bite to eat, a drink or just to hang out with me. I am able to spend a lot of time with her as I have no other visits at this time.
She likes hanging out in the yard, but our 85 degree weather makes it
very warm for her so she has been happy to alternate.
We are going for a long walk in the evening. It will probably be 90 degrees
today based on how it feels outside this morning. We went out on the deck
to have tea and enjoy the morning. Nala has not come to visit today?
Kira is still a bed hog, but she is a sweetheart and it is easy to just sleep
next to her and pet her belly as she loves this!
I will take her for a ride this week and we will spend our evenings walking and seeing the miniature horses. She is doing great even though she misses her Mommy and Daddy.