Sunday, October 12, 2008

Abbi Knows What She Wants

I have been with my dear Abbi since last Tuesday, but I have been without a laptop until yesterday. So, here is a little update on Abbi. We have been very busy today as we wanted to really do some cleaning for her mom and dad's homecoming.

Abbi has me trained. At night, she will give me this little growl. If I don't pay attention, she will do it again a little louder until I pay attention. Sometimes, this happens in the middle of the night. I KNOW she doesn't do this to her mom and dad, so she really has me trained rather than me having her trained.

When she comes in from her walk or from a visit out to the bushes, I always ask her 'What do you want'. She barks. I say 'Well, show me what you want'. She runs to her cookie jar and shows me exactly what she wants as you can see in this picture.

She also likes to carry the mail in with me. I have to give her a piece of mail or the small paper so that she can deliver to the doorstep.

I've never believed in cloning, but if I were to consider it, Abbi would be who I would clone. I love her to pieces!