Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Very Sad Good Bye.....

Ruggles had to say good-bye to her family yesterday. She was a senior and had been struggling with Arthritis for some time. She was a happy girl and enjoyed her life on the farm for many years. She was loved by everyone in her family and her canine companions will be lost without her, not to mention her family. Ruggles was as easy going as they come. She never gave me any trouble when I sat with her. She was the boss in the house and everyone knew the pecking order. Cassie loved her dearly and I am sure she will be lost without her. Ruggles loved to go take a dip in the pond. She loved to go visit the neighbors across the way. Usually right around dusk. I can't help but think this must have been because she could smell dinner cooking on the stove. She would actually have to be locked up on the porch so that she would not go over there and end up on their porch for the night! She loved it when I brought her the great big bones to knaw on. And she let Cassie and Sunny know not to come near her bone. There is no doubt in my mind that she was a happy girl and lived her life on the farm as content as a dog can be. My heart goes out to he mommy because I know they were very, very close and this will be a hard loss for her. I will miss her so much and it will be hard to sit and not have her there to keep things in control.
As much as I love my business, the sadness that comes when we lose one of our pets is overwhelming in itself. But, then to be back to back losses is even more devastating. Maybe it is wrong of me to refer to the animals I care for as 'mine', when it truly is my clients who endure the pain of the loss of their loved one. They are the caretaker from the beginning of that very cared for pet right up until the end. I, in no way, want to take away from that responsibility or ownership but I couldn't be in this business without thinking that a piece of me is lost when that pet has passed. So, my sincere condolences go out to my clients/friends who have to struggle to get through the loss of their Pet, but let it be known that the pain is with me as well and I will struggle right along side them.
Ruggles will always be in our hearts and our minds as she was a very special Red Head!