Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Picture but lots to say.....

Here I am again! I am so lucky to get to spend so much time with Abbie. I really do enjoy my visits with her.
I am without a camera today. I have been traveling and keep forgetting to get it from my bag at home. So, I'll have to be a little more descriptive!
Abbie is her usual sweet self. I have to say.....I think she knows I am coming before I even get here. She always greets me at the front door and welcomes me as if to say "Are we going for a walk now?" She's so cute and full of personality. We went for a short walk the first night (Tues) as I got here at 7pm. We were both shocked yesterday when it started to snow. I told Abbie....(no, really....I speak OUT LOUD to Abbie and I am NOT ashamed to admit it)....the snow was coming at a wierd time of year and probably won't stick. Wrong! We had six inches of snow when we woke up. There was a little less in other parts of our town, but Abbie lives on a little higher elevation and they tend to get the most. The snow didn't stop Abbie....I was so disappointed when I realized I didn't have my camera (that I usually have ALWAYS) because Abbie darted out the door and made a snow dog angel in the snow. She was so funny rolling around on her back in the snow. No one should ever call her a senior dog because she truly doesn't think so!
We didn't walk this morning as it was a little too cold, but caught a quick walk in the afternoon.
Now she is crashed out on the floor waiting for her next cookie!!!!