Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainbow and Abbie

It doesn't surprise me that a Rainbow would appear directly over Abbie's house...she is one of the brightest Rainbows around!

We have had some pretty awesome weather the last few days. From sunshining to thunder and lightening! Saturday, the skies were still dark, but managed to clear long enough for this rainbow to shine through. Abbie and I went outside to snap some photos.
Of course, she wasn't as impressed with the Rainbow on Saturday as she was with her Bone I brought her today. She has now spent a total of 3 hours chewing it. She thought she might want to hide it, so I let her outside. Only to find her later, still laying on the grass and grinding away at that bone!
She is now in the house and when I asked if I could take her picture, she looked up at me with the darn thing hanging out of her mouth!
Everything is going smoothly as usual. Abbie is getting a walk a day and if the weather permits, two!
Katie and Katja, her next-door neighbors came to visit today and she enjoyed that.
We are off to watch the boob tube! More from Abbie later!


XYZinn said...

Great pictures. What a cute dog! Oh, and I see you put a new picture of yourself on the blog. What a wonderful picture! Whoever took that must be a professional photographer! :)
Check out our blog. There are new pictures of the kiddies!