Friday, June 6, 2008

National DogNut, er, uh 'Donut' Day!

Josie and I began our first morning having tea and watching the bird in the back garden. Of course, this wasn't until AFTER our morning walk. She took me to the trail at the end of the street near her house. She was determined to get there and kept pulling me along on the leash. It is a myth that we walk our dogs.....they usually walk YOU. She was a Schnauz on a mission and there was no holding her back. She sniffed and walked and did her business and then turned around as if to say 'Ok, now we can go home'. So, back to the house we went and then she allowed me to have my morning tea.

While sipping my tea and talking to Josie, I surfed the internet for a few things I needed to investigate. I found an article that said 'National Donut Day'. Yes, today was National Donut Day and if anyone knows me, I have never met a donut I didn't like. So, I got permission from Josie to take a little shopping trip with my friend and I promised to return in two hours. I noticed she didn't have any cookies and put it down on my list for her. After all, if she couldn't have a donut, she surely could have a cookie and pretend it was a donut!
My friend picked me up and we went off to check out a few new stores in our town. I told her about National Donut Day and we vowed to get us each a donut (or two). We happened upon this little bakery in Black Diamond. From the looks of the building it had been there since World War II and we were sure it wasn't in business anymore as there were no cars! But, we stopped to check it out anyway. WOW.....we were like kids in a candy store. We began looking at all the pastries and told the clerk we wanted a big box because we were going to buy one of everything. My favorite sweet is flaky pastry. They had Raspberry Turnovers that were right up my alley. Took 3 of them. Then I spotted Canoles! Took 2 of them. We spotted a Cocunut Cream Donut and knew we had to get that one in honor of National Donut Day. We also threw in a Raspberry Cream Cheese muffin for good measure. We had our box of goodies and decided to return later to order a birthday cake for a friend. AFter all....WE came first!
We had been gone close to two hours, so I suggested we stop by and drop off the donuts and pastries and let Josie out one more time. I bought her some little natural cookies and I wanted to give her a treat as well. She ate two of them. When I stopped, I separated my sweets from her sweets. This left the Coconut Cream Donut and one Canole in the box. I set it on the table to put my jacket on and walked out forgetting to bring her sweets. We laughed and said I did it on purpose and promised to grab it later.
Can you guess what I am going to tell you next? When I returned, I didn't notice anything until it was time to find the donuts for my friend. I looked at the table and there on the floor at the leg of a chair was an EMPTY box. Little Ms. Josie had a Donut party all her own. And, she didn't just eat ANY donut....she ate the rich, expensive ones! There wasn't a lick of cream anywhere. Not a piece of coconut to be seen. Not one trace of those donuts were found. All I could say to her was "I bet you are going to have to go outside a LOT tonight". Hopefully, she can handle her sweets!
So, lesson learned. If I were confuscious, I would say "Do not underestimate small dog only one foot high.....can climb mountains for bite of sweet"!