Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pawsitively Perfect Pooch.....

Okay, so the subject line is a little hokey...but, that is exactly what our little Miss Josie is. She is spoiled too. She is loving that I have had a lot of time to spend with her. I don't have another dog during the day until Thursday, so she has been spoiled by all the attention I have been giving her. Even when I have another dog, she still gets lots of attention. She is a good little cuddler.

Today, the rain let up for a short time. They keep promising some sunshine in the next few days, but we will believe it when we see it. This picture was taken during one of our drier moments and Josie got out to smell the flowers. She has been getting soaked on our daily walks and it was nice not to get her back wet.

We have been trying the harness during our walks. Josie has a tendency to pull on her lead. When you use a harness to walk or any time you use a lead to control your dog, the harness is the best restraint there is. As soon as I put it on, you can see a change in the demeanor. She realized that the harness was in control and she didn't pull once during our walk. Now we walk every time with the harness on. Since my Otis is not alive to enjoy his harness, I will pass it down to Josie. She actually reminds me a lot of my little Otis, so she has stolen my heart and I am sure Otis would want her to have it. :-)

We have had no more incidents with food since the first day. Of course, I have learned MY boundaries and kept food off the table. So, all is good.

Hopefully, we will get some sunshine in the next few days. Josie and I want to walk down to the park and the rain has not let us do that. I expect we will be able to do that soon.

Josie is great and I am sure she will have puppy kisses for her mommy and daddy when they get home!