Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pooch Pawrty!

I got shot of our boy, Brutus. He is so mellow and loving. He's a nice balance to the holly terrors, Maggie and Baby.
I came home yesterday to what appeared to be a pooch party that would be equivalent to a sixteen year old having a huge party while their parents were away. What would be beer cans and broken furniture by teenagers, they chewed furniture, wood, paper, and whatever else Maggie and Baby could get their teeth into. They were perfectly fine at noon when I checked in on them. The party began between noon and five! But, they all slept very well last night as I am sure they were tired from their party!!!!

We woke up to about four inches of snow this morning. I could see it falling when we woke at 7am. I couldn't believe that just two and half miles down the road in Maple Valley there was no snow at all...just rain. But here in Ravensdale it snowed like crazy. I left for about an hour or so to go to the market and returned to just hang out with the threesome.

They are all healthy, happy and have not had any battles too big while I have been here. I am sure they are missing their mommy and daddy, but they are welcoming me like a part of the family and this is a good thing!


Tiffanie Tatick said...

Hi Dee, the pups look cute. We love the pictures! Sorry they are being brats. We'll be home soon.