Sunday, May 3, 2009

I got to visit Peaches yesterday. What a joy to walk in and find 9 puppies runing everywhere. I could hardly walk for fear I would step on one of them. They are in a loving and clean atmosphere and that made me feel good about where she was coming from. The lady I bought her from asked 'Can you find which one is yours?' I pointed to her immediately. I know my dog. This isn't easy either because all of the pups are the same age. That is not to say that they are all the same size. There were rolly polly ones, thinner ones, some that chewed and growled, some that just slept. A couple of them tried to run and play only to fall over on their backs. That is because their bellies are so full of mamma's milk they couldn't manuever without falling over. It was so cute. The only problem is that I left there wanting to take them all! Can you imagine 9 Golden Retrievers at 1 year old? That is what kept me from buying them all.
But Peaches is mellow. She stayed in my arms and was content being held. She licked me several times and pushed her nose in my neck as if to snuggle. I think she knows I am her new mommy.
She was born on March 31st. She was the first pup born and half the litter was born on April 1st.
She was also the largest pup born. But now she is the smallest. There were only three males out of 9 in this litter. That is odd because usually the males dominate.
I am excited to bring her home on May 18th. They are calling her Peaches so she will get to know her name.