Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Abbie injured her leg day before yesterday. She woke up limping yesterday, so I nursed her all day. It paid off because she is moving so much better today. We had thunder and lightening and I think she strained it as she was frightened. Maybe when she jumped off the bed.
She is almost walking normal. Just a twitch now and then. She should be 100 percent by tomorrow.
We have had rain for the past two days so we have spent a lot of time indoors. Abbie likes that because she just gets to 'cruise' with her Auntie 'Dee'. She better get ready for the arrival of the new baby....Peaches will come visit when she has had all her shots and is old enough to take in the car. Punkin is another story....she would run Abbie ragged, so she will stay home.
No big plans for the next two days. More recovery time for Abbie and cleaning for Auntie Dee. She is looking forward to Mom and Dad coming home on Saturday.