Sunday, April 26, 2009

Missing in action

The weather has been so beautiful here that this was the best shot of Abbie I could get today. Look really hard.....waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back there.....she's there! No, really!
She is doing well and runs and greets me like she is a puppy all over again. I wish I could clone her......I want a Golden just like Abbie Girl.
We are just cruising, taking walks, running in the yard and hanging out. Auntie Dee brought her a bone and she ate it so fast I thought she must have buried it somewhere.
We got the poor deceased pigeon out of the bushes and have had no more accidents.
Remember this time last year? We had the strange noises in the closet incident. That still baffles me. And Abbie locking herself in the bathroom still bothers me to this day. We are quite the pair.
We will be cleaning house this week and getting ready for Mom and Dad to come home. Thats it for now!