Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Bye My Little Girl....

Peepers would have been 12 years old in September. She lost the use of her back legs due to a damaged spine about a year ago. She never let it get her down. She would drag her little butt all over the house if she wanted to get somewhere. About six months ago she became incontinent and we bought her Tinkle Trousers to catch her urine. She adapted and didn't seem to mind. She did not appear to be in any pain and remained happy to be by my side. She began showing signs of pain about two weeks ago and carried an odor that can only be described as an infectious odor.

We woke up this morning and she was shaking. She sat for hours as she was in too much pain to lay down. She had mucus coming from her mouth and when she looked at me with those big black eyes (her peepers), it was if she were saying 'I think its time momma'. I have always believed in Quality over Quantity. I knew I had to let her go. So, she went to her favorite vet and went to sleep for the last time. I am going to miss her immensly. She was one of a kind.

Thank God for my adopted pets through my pet sitting business. Their unconditional love helps heal the hole she has left in my heart. Sleep well my little girl. You are now at Rainbow Bridge.