Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teddy and Me and Beautiful Weather!

I have been with Teddy since last Friday but a little slow on the computer update. We are doing just fine. The weather has been good except the first day of summer it rained, hailed and Thunder stormed. Great way to bring in the summer.
Teddy is enjoying his morning walks although they are short. He is more anxious about getting inside for a treat. He has me trained. He goes Winkie, gets a cookie. He goes Doodle, gets a cookie. So, he is cooperating at least. LOL
He has a new game. He likes to stand in the room and bark at me until I do something about it. Usually a treat will help, but last night he did it all night long. I took him out at 4:30 am thinking he may have to go outside. He took advantage of it but I don't believe that is what he wanted because he continued when we returned inside. I gave him a chew bone and he seemed to settle down. Never a day passes that I don't wish I had the ability to speak DOG.
I am sure of one thing though. I am sure he will be very glad to see his mommy and daddy return on Friday! He really is a good fur child.