Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kira - The Huntress!

Meet Kira - A black lab mix. She was rescued by caring and compassionate parents who gave her a loving home. I have been taking care of Kira since she came to her new home. She was energetic to say the least! She was a ball of energy and had a few issues that needed to be addressed. She had Kennel Cough and was rather scrawny, but all in all in pretty good health. Her mommy could see she needed some training and began working with her. Kira was a quick study ! With every visit I could see that she was improving. She is approximately a year and a half (?) now and she has really grown into her adult body. She is very black - almost blue - and has a very svelt figure.
Kira lives on a tree-filled, woodsy piece of land. There are a lot of critters in her area. Kira thinks she is a hunting dog as she loves to chase rabbits, squirrels or anything else that crosses her path. Her mommy said she has a hard time walking her this time of year as she thinks all the life-size deer decorations are real! She is also fascinated by the miniature horses across the street. She will pull me to them and just sit and stare. She is mesmerized by them.

Kira has an invisible fence to allow her a lot of running room. I arrived one day to find a Hawk on the ground within her perimeter. I worried that Kira might go after the Hawk and get hurt. When I drove up the drive, the Hawk flew off. I looked over to the area where the Hawk had been and found it had just killed a jack rabbit. If I had arrived just five minutes earlier, the rabbit may have been saved. Feeling bad, I moved the rabbit out of the perimeter of Kira's invisible fence to dissuade the Hawk from returning to his prey. I understand that all wildlife needs nutrition, but my first concern is the animal I'm taking care of.
Kira is a joy to see. She is playful, comical and smart! However, she is completely a bed hog! I guess we can't all be perfect....but, she is close to it!


badkitty said...

She's beautiful!! But then I'm biased as I'm Kira's Auntie :-) Have you seen her play "stomp & skid" yet? I'm sure she'll be happy to show you next time, just toss her red ball. Thanks for showcasing Kira, she deserves recognition as she's come along way from the skinny kid she used to be :-)